Why Robots That Bend Are Better

Robots of the future may be softer, squishier and bendier than robots today. This could make them ideal for space exploration. Check out kiwico.com/Veritasium50 for 50% off your first month of any subscription!
On Thursday February 18th, 2021 the NASA Perseverance Rover will land on Mars. It is a wonderful robot, made out of steel and wire - but will future robots look like Perseverance? There is an emerging field of research on "soft robots", where the machines are flexible. These soft robots have many advantages over traditional robots - they're safer, lighter, more flexible and can change their shape and size.
NASA is investigating the use of soft robots for space missions. For future visits to Enceladus or Europa, a lander could cut a hole in the ice and then insert a compliant robot through the hole. This robot could then grow and change shape on the other side.
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  1. Deldarel


    2 分钟 前

    This is one of those things that gets more and more awesome the more you look at it. I thought 'o, thing tips over, cool, seen that before' but it's soooooo much more than that. After 6 minutes I was completely sold

  2. DM Blackgvard

    DM Blackgvard

    7 分钟 前

    Pretty sure that this "compliant" Octahedron could strangle me, if it really wanted to

  3. veroaghe


    35 分钟 前

    I think the 'why' in the title should be 'when' because 'why' implies, in this instance, they're *always* better which you contradict in the video by saying the not bending variety is more accurate. Or the 'are', which makes the statement sound as if it's true in any situation, could be changed in something like 'can be'.

  4. Expedient Technology

    Expedient Technology

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    Why is everyone wearing a mask?

    • The The

      The The

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      Good question man

    • Tobi Jackson

      Tobi Jackson

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      Did you forget the ongoing pandemic in the US?

    • Alpali


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      There was a pandemic in 2020-2022.

  5. ShatteredShadow


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    this, this is why im distracted from my homework

  6. Manpreet lakhanpal

    Manpreet lakhanpal

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    Wow Step-Robot u are really flexible.

  7. Tomasz Gasecki

    Tomasz Gasecki

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    Kiełbasa :)

  8. Christian Olsson

    Christian Olsson

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    Can we have it fall and me be inside it? Dude, sick.

  9. Bones


    小时 前

    Can't they use the same type of structure/principle that nasa used for it's airless tires? But then it would limit how much its size could reduce, because of the stress limit before permanently bending the metal Could also try doing the same, and using "memory metal"... But then the robot would need a way to keep re-heating it's own "metal fiber tubes" and that would create a power issue

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    I never understand what he says but I still enjoy watching him

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    Anantim Patil

    2 小时 前

    Next Video - "Why Girls That Bend Are Better"

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    Ed L.

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    is this basically the blob from the movie blob?

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    Nico RO

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    suddenly gay

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    Bender always knew it.

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    unknown player

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    Please Make a video on golden ratio *Phi*!!!!!

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    This video was SO MUCH more enjoyable than the over-produced CNwill Originals one. Thanks for the great content!

  18. William Pereira Gomes

    William Pereira Gomes

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    ew he uses inches on matlab? i know ues USian but hes a scientist

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  20. AJ Arriaga

    AJ Arriaga

    4 小时 前

    This man is ahead of his time in 75 years these are going to be rolling around everywhere

  21. ATmel91


    5 小时 前

    I feel like that red tube robots joints with the metal sticking out will snap

  22. Adam Hooker

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    Drew Boyd

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    Compliance compliance compliance!

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    Why Bends That Bend Are Bender

  25. AidanTheTurtle


    5 小时 前

    We now have the ability to create Baymax irl

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  27. Anders Henriksen

    Anders Henriksen

    6 小时 前

    I love that they snuck in a big hero 6 reference

  28. Melody


    6 小时 前

    Awesome and useful? Definitely. But better? I'm not so sure. I'm just not sure that something with literal rubber that has to constantly bend is going to have the longevity to be worth launching on a several decade-long journey into space to the outer reaches of the solar system or even the closest planets. It would have to last for so long that even a chance of it not working would surely make it not worth it to use. Also the weight is a lot more of a problem than the volume at least within certain scenarios.

  29. Legion


    7 小时 前

    What course do you have to fail to end up working with that boring mess?

  30. Andromeda


    7 小时 前

    The idea of one of these swimming about on one of the ocean worlds out in the orbits of Saturn or Jupiter is an absolutely mesmerising concept.

  31. Gizmo


    7 小时 前

    So you can kill them easy , when they rise up agains humans!

  32. newsgetsold


    7 小时 前

    1:10 “Designed to mimic a turtle." 1:13 Shows tortoise 🐢

    • Theodor Theodorsen

      Theodor Theodorsen

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      @newsgetsold I had no idea.

    • BrandonJustPlays Δ

      BrandonJustPlays Δ

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      🐢 and 🐢 have the same emoji. They are very very similar.

    • newsgetsold


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      @Theodor Theodorsen Ah but I use British English... "British usage, by contrast, tends not to use "turtle" as a generic term for all members of the order, and also applies the term "tortoises" broadly to all land-dwelling members of the order Testudines, regardless of whether they are actually members of the family Testudinidae."

    • Theodor Theodorsen

      Theodor Theodorsen

      7 小时 前

      Sorry to say, but tortoises are turtles too.

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    soft robots are DEFINITELY useful, especially especially the humanoid ones...

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    Self healing polymer for skin? I can see huge potential

  42. Francois Justyne Abhram Dinauto

    Francois Justyne Abhram Dinauto

    10 小时 前

    This could, in theory be used to save people who are trapped under debris, just send a drone to look for people, send this robot to inflate and provide support so that they don't get crushed even more. Then they can work on rescuing the person without the worry of the people being accidentally crushed.

  43. Sabitha Safar

    Sabitha Safar

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    Albert Åkesson

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    This is supersmart. But I'm mostly wondering about the programming interface with the form of the robot. How do you make intuitive to operare?

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    Anyone thought of Baymax from Big Hero 6? :))))

  46. Nyarlathotep


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    How else would robots be able to bend over?

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    Raul Lara

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    im so happy he mentioned big hero6 cause it was the only thing screaming in my mind during the entire video

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  49. Probably A European

    Probably A European

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    petiton to name the robot ben dover

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  51. [ S o l i t a ]

    [ S o l i t a ]

    12 小时 前

    This is awesome. It reminds me of those wind driven beach machines from that one artist and mechanic.

  52. Joshua Rowley

    Joshua Rowley

    14 小时 前

    Soft robots would have a harder time overthrowing us

  53. Enigma OFFC

    Enigma OFFC

    14 小时 前

    What about wind in other planets? Wouldn't soft robots be blown away?

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    Totally missed Festo robots

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    So what if one of the corners hit your head, or worse yet, what if you fall on one of the corners Safe

  56. KBS -117

    KBS -117

    14 小时 前

    They literally cant do anything but slowly roll around. How is this useful

    • Dauntless


      12 小时 前

      It's a proof of concept demonstrating the versatility and efficiency of soft robots. They don't need to be anything like the one in the video

  57. RFW


    15 小时 前

    softbots! why don't we call them this

  58. cruisinwithkenny BERNARDI

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    Kaleb Ouimet

    17 小时 前

    the first red robot could be used in a military setting put some AR-500 steel plate on each of the faces are you have a moving cover system that can take a couple 7.62 rounds and boost the machinery and make the steel like 3-4 inches thick and cover the circuitry am I the only one this sounds like a good idea too?

  62. Gkid50 - Gaming & Tech Reviews

    Gkid50 - Gaming & Tech Reviews

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    when i saw this and they mentioned the big problem being a air leak I thought about maybe a big ger latex tubing that has a natural compression ability but still is stable a dn isn't fully subjected to having to stay inflated to stay usable example a latex tubing could be thick enough that its stable but then could even have a air pump built on board that could inflate the tubing to utilize even more of the natural latex properties 8

  63. Chase Roberts

    Chase Roberts

    17 小时 前

    Super random question. Anyone know any good "high friction materials" for wrapping around rods or other things? 03:48

    • monke


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      I think some forms of rubber. Rubber is quite ‘high friction’.

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    • Alexzander


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    James Allen Stewart

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    I want to be positive about new technology, but this honestly seems like an idea that would be disassembled hard and efficiently by someone who actually knows something about robot requirements. In more simple words: I really hate this :p Nature made this design in the deep ocean due to an extreme lack of resources, but we got plenty of resources. And the argument about it being safer than normal robots really seems like a desperate selling point rather than an actual pragmatic aspect of this menagerie.

  74. SpikeTVin1080i


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  76. StockBroken - Wall Street's Basement

    StockBroken - Wall Street's Basement

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    Gordon Chin

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  78. Yevgen Polubotko

    Yevgen Polubotko

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    Pressurized soft tubes in a vacuum of space? Hmm... doubt it..

    • Romanski


      8 小时 前

      Why not?

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    Gary Saini

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    I want to be smart enough for him to interview me.

  80. David G

    David G

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  81. SynthD


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  83. Tom Brablec

    Tom Brablec

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    juste kevin

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      Charming nowhere to hide

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