Is Chamath the New Warren Buffett?

Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week's episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including:
► Bitcoin's Blow-Off Top - the crypto asset lost a quarter of its value in one night, what's up?
► The new Tesla bull case - BofA literally says the stock is going up because the stock is going up. Seriously.
► Bad Habits - What's the worst habit from the pandemic year that you're going to lose this year?
► Howard Marks's new memo - legendary value investor discovers the answer to why growth has outperformed and will continue to.
► Venture Capitalism vs Private Equity - Which will be a bigger disappointment for investors in the new decade?
► Micro Bubbles - They are everywhere, even if the overall market isn't in a bubble.
► Is Chamath the new Warren Buffett - Josh says yes, maybe.
► Investing in Collectibles - Should you be speculating in shares of a baseball card or someone else's Porsche just because interest rates are low?
And much more!
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  1. Heb59


    11 天 前

    Hell No!!!!!!

  2. Andrew James

    Andrew James

    13 天 前

    Chamath has been credibly accused of serious fraud.

  3. polard keren

    polard keren

    16 天 前

    The thundering kilogram clinicopathologically colour because clutch presumably allow toward a delirious spear. mammoth, savory objective

  4. Steven Longworth

    Steven Longworth

    17 天 前

    BTC blow off top....

  5. Jeffrey LaPlante

    Jeffrey LaPlante

    25 天 前

    If you monetize anger you should not exist.

  6. Jeremy Hudson

    Jeremy Hudson

    27 天 前

    Twitter sucks, fo real! I'm pretty sure normal people don't use Twitter.

  7. Christopher Dennis

    Christopher Dennis

    27 天 前

    Art and Wall Street!? Totally.

  8. Helena Chase

    Helena Chase

    个月 前

    Your wrong about Twitter. Without the contraversy Twitter is boring. I'm out.

  9. Charles


    个月 前

    20:15 for Chamath comment

  10. Anthony Robinson

    Anthony Robinson

    个月 前

    Both chamath and cathie woods are idiots they are speculating the entire market and could not give real reasoning behind the dumb shit they buy.

  11. Kevin Yang

    Kevin Yang

    个月 前

  12. Marco Bresba

    Marco Bresba

    个月 前

    Social Media is recent, as a society, we do not know how to use it properly. It'll take a while. Just like it took a very long time to figure out how to properly use the Gutenberg Press

  13. SonicBoom


    个月 前

    Josh is dead wrong in his take on twitter. It seems like he's pandering

  14. Nick Mackintosh

    Nick Mackintosh

    个月 前

    What is hilarious is the fact that loads of pedophile groups and accounts are on both FB/Twitter, and no matter how many times they are reported. They do not get removed, so much for censoring "filth".

  15. Jag Attack

    Jag Attack

    个月 前


  16. Ryan


    个月 前

    Cathie Wood's portfolio is going to go way down

  17. Agrippa Marcus

    Agrippa Marcus

    个月 前

    Chamath’s biggest accomplishment is to find Zuckerberg as his boss, LOL

  18. Malik Harris

    Malik Harris

    个月 前

    Josh, great seeing you on EYL!

  19. Web User

    Web User

    个月 前

    michael was generous with that lip balm

  20. Web User

    Web User

    个月 前

    so trump wears a nazi stamped sweater?

  21. mj k

    mj k

    个月 前

    Respect to both of them. But Wood gets way too much credit for just going long digital disruptors. Just 1 factor. That's it. Chamath far more impressive.

  22. Christian


    个月 前

    i subbed cause of BIG, but i stuck around cause of you guys. great vid.

  23. Daniel Farrell

    Daniel Farrell

    个月 前

    This is so far off. It's not 20% ... Its 40-55%... And they're not Nazis it's common conservatives. No one. No one has a problem with taking Nazis off the platform, however when you label everyone a Nazi - then it loses all meaning.

  24. Dee Cee

    Dee Cee

    个月 前

    No-one is disputing removing Neo-Nazi's from social media, but they only represent a small fraction of a percent of Trump's support base. Getting away with removing Trump is saying social media platforms are more powerful than the elected president of the USA.

  25. Will Tham

    Will Tham

    个月 前

    I agree with Josh. All the craziness is the major reason why I'm not active on Facebook any more. I've felt better ever since.

  26. Steven S

    Steven S

    个月 前

    Twitter guilty of political bias. Almost bought that stock, dumb luck. Will continue to fail.

  27. Thabo Hermanus

    Thabo Hermanus

    个月 前

    I need to read Something of Value given what you have just said Howard Marks said. Fascinating that he has also had the benefit of being close up with his son (Growth Investor) if I understood Michael correctly that that would have informed the piece he wrote. Observation is the best way to learn for me, when I have opened up my mind to possibilities

  28. ken powell

    ken powell

    个月 前

    Dorcy is such a cheerful and likable NOT short Twitter

  29. CaleHeintz


    个月 前

    I am just starting the video. But lololol at the title. Come on...enough said..

  30. aam1979


    个月 前

    i like your show guys but Chamath and Cathy Wood the new Warren Buffet? seriously? OMG it's amazing how the endless Fed printing creates so many geniuses. what you failed to mention is that Buffet invests in companies whose underlying business generates profits. i have yet to see one company that those two prophets preach that is actually generating those kind of profits. I understand that as long as the music plays you gotta dance but Buffett? really? Watch how fast all these prophets disappear with a rise in inflation and rates... would you rather make 5% in a savings account or hold useless crypto. And Josh: how do you find bitcoin of value but buying digital shares in a collectible trash. Aren't they both the same - aka nothing of intrinsic value?

  31. Armada


    个月 前

    will nokia make a comeback in the next couple of years?

  32. mvl 21

    mvl 21

    个月 前

    Here from EYL... 36 chambers

  33. W. Bryan Miller

    W. Bryan Miller

    个月 前

    Biggie told JPM to exit stage left, "me and the kids got this"

  34. Ghebrehiwet


    个月 前

    20:54 & 23:35

  35. UrbanCondoSpaces


    个月 前

    enjoyed it fellas. Keep up the good work. Love Chamath - the dude has "it"

    • The Compound

      The Compound

      个月 前

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  36. Raymond Taft

    Raymond Taft

    个月 前

    How exactly does the daily/weekly/quarterly up and down price of a stock affect the real operations of the company? Thank you

  37. Raymond Taft

    Raymond Taft

    个月 前

    I just read ONE UP ON WALL STREET and I guess it’s time has passed and is about the past. Just try visiting some ceo and requesting an interview if your not representing Fidelity. This book might have been only of biographical interest back when. I got no practice advice at all.

  38. Andrew Arcadipane

    Andrew Arcadipane

    个月 前

    twitter is a joke

  39. K. Hank Lim

    K. Hank Lim

    个月 前

    Josh brown: trump supporters include Asian American, african American , Latin American,... DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS,,

    • K. Hank Lim

      K. Hank Lim

      个月 前

      About 40% of populations are conservative... Michael said, “conservative buy Nike tennis shoes also”!,

  40. Peter Payne

    Peter Payne

    个月 前

    Just some feedback on Twitter: while obviously the political crap is horribly negative, I would like to say that there are benign parts of Twitter. I am a pretty major anime Twitter user and have 250k followers. I share images and memes related to anime, market my company (an anime retailer), and basically hook up anime fans with new anime to watch. There's no negativity, everyone enjoyed being together and commenting on each other's posts, and it's quite good. I even help anime fans (there are some sad people in anime land) who have given up on real human relationships feel better about giving it another try. I also think Fin-twitter is also quite positive. Unless you really pick the craziest people to follow, there's a lot of positivity to enjoy.

  41. Derek Callihan

    Derek Callihan

    个月 前


  42. Warren Buffett Dividend

    Warren Buffett Dividend

    个月 前

    “If you’ve got a billion dollars and you’re ungrateful, you’re a poor man. If you have very little but you’re grateful for what you have, you’re truly rich.” Sir John Templeton

  43. caflisch78


    个月 前

    @joshbrown So you think sports card industry is going to blow up in the near future? What kind of time frame do you predict?

  44. Hanz O

    Hanz O

    个月 前

    Great take on Twitter guys! Social media heyday is over it turns people insane like Josh said. I quit drinking 10 months ago feel barely better and more on top of things

  45. Lou Ag

    Lou Ag

    个月 前

    5:10 spot on 👌🏾 Get the racist of social media at all costs

  46. GilpvFin


    个月 前

    I like your show but I think you guys are way off based on blaming social media for what happened in DC. While I don't share their political beliefs, to call them Nazis is over the top and inaccurate and only adds fuel to the fire. 40 years of a diminishing middle class creates frustration that neither of you can understand. You are living in a bubble. The donor class fund our elections and those elected work for those that fund them. The best ROI is money paid to lobbyist. This has created a wealth gap that has not been seen since the gilded age. We live in a system of legalized bribery and only when that is addressed will we have a government that works for everyone.

  47. tsousley18


    个月 前

    I don't know how to submit a question, but here is my question: Apple is looking to build their own chips and also to get into the EV market, should/could/would they buy Intel? Thank you (intel obviously has chips, it's lagged behind, and it owns mobileye)

  48. will sikora jr

    will sikora jr

    个月 前

    I just stumbled onto you guys and i reaaly loved the show and keeping it real!!!

  49. Matt Comb

    Matt Comb

    个月 前

    The true test for Chamath's portfolio will be when we go through a credit contraction. Many of his companies are high growth but run losses - Buffett looks at profitability and excess liquidity to make sure they can survive such periods. Buffett also looks closely at the capital intensity of growth, I haven't seen Chamath reference that in his work yet. Quite a large difference in their investment methods but I love Chamath's vision, it just needs to also excel in the long credit contractions that are sure to come.

  50. PureGosu


    个月 前

    digital shares of collectables if dumb, buy the whole piece of collectable art!

  51. TheBenderBunker


    个月 前

    It'd be great if Duncan could add time stamps next to each of the topic bullet points in the details so viewers can easily navigate to the topics that interest them and skip the ones that don't - thanks!

  52. Zev Fima

    Zev Fima

    个月 前

    Josh not a fan of There will always be a market for game used sports collectibles don’t you think?

  53. Thomas Long

    Thomas Long

    个月 前

    Chamath and Josh, talk about a dynamic duo!

  54. Supreme Trader

    Supreme Trader

    个月 前

    I am not Natzi and I left Twitter

  55. Edu


    个月 前

    Nazis? They got ride of Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn.....let that sink in....Michael Flynn. What a disgrace Twitter has become. The inmates are running the prison over there.

  56. Edu


    个月 前

    Theoretically every stock can do that. But in actuality most other companies are dummies compared to Tesla. And aren’t innovating in TAMs as massive. Tesla and Amazon are the best funded startups. Good luck competing!!

  57. K Zhang

    K Zhang

    个月 前

    Both of you have points re: Twitter. Normal people like me followed Trump's twitter for the shock and entertainment value. Now it's gone and now there's fewer reasons to use Twitter.

  58. BonFire


    个月 前

    Yes Chamath is an really interesting & insightful guy with great investment opportunities (I'm in several) BUT he's much more of an egomaniac than Buffet ever was-so let's not put them together ok? I listen to Chamath a great deal and every time I walk away thinking he really wants to be president-or as close as he can get.

    • Fast Twitch

      Fast Twitch

      个月 前

      I've never gotten that impression about Chamath. So it's simply your impression, nothing more.

  59. TJ Villamil

    TJ Villamil

    个月 前

    Thank you guys for what you are doing for my retirement & sons future!!

  60. Matthew Gartrell

    Matthew Gartrell

    个月 前

    I've been following Crammer's advice and watching CNBC. Buying high and selling low.....but I am tired of seeing all these chumps (no offense...kinda) have huge gains, and my $CRM has erectile dysfunction. I am gonna start following Josh for a month, see what happens to my portfolio. Need to get Josh his own show on CNBC.

  61. Zack S

    Zack S

    个月 前

    Totally agree with your take on Twitter Josh. I also knew you had booze in that coffee before you admitted it. Lmao take care brother we want the best for you. Don’t listen to those idiots on Reddit I love you

  62. Jdeanie


    个月 前

    Very enjoyable and mind warming

  63. Victor Monaco

    Victor Monaco

    个月 前

    Great content as always.

  64. SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    个月 前

    I personally don't think the top is in yet for Bitcoin, didn't feel like a blow-off top compared to June 27th 2019 which was a straight vertical blow-off top day, pumped 22% in 1 day with that euphoric feel along with half of crypto twitter looking at Lambo colour charts and that 22% pump in a day was higher than anything leading up to that point since the breakout in April 2019. Then it crashed about 20% the very next day. Since the breakout in April 2020 after the covid reversal in March - I don't think there's been a 20% pump or more in 1 day, so I bought the dip.

  65. No Quarter

    No Quarter

    个月 前

    I think you've guys got it exactly the opposite way around. Tesla is a bubble, Bitcoin not.

  66. Geoff Moore

    Geoff Moore

    个月 前

    I love the show gentleman. Absolutely, love the show!

    • The Compound

      The Compound

      个月 前

      Thanks for the support, Geoff!

  67. Geoff Moore

    Geoff Moore

    个月 前

    Qualitative Creative Research Analyst - Q.C.R.A.

  68. Ben Seal

    Ben Seal

    个月 前

    The Compound killing it as usual. Well done Josh and Michael

    • The Compound

      The Compound

      个月 前

      Thanks, Ben!

  69. Art


    个月 前

    I laugh so hard when you discuss how internet driving us crazy. Fox versus MSNBC also driving us mad. I cancelled my cable news.

  70. Aser Ruiz

    Aser Ruiz

    个月 前

    So not convert all my savings to buy a pikachu card ?

    • The Compound

      The Compound

      个月 前

      Only if it's a Japanese Pikachu Illustrator card!

  71. George Kennedy

    George Kennedy

    个月 前

    Played it on 0.75x speed to catch Michael's quick jab at Josh near the end and then realized that this is what the episode would have been like had they both been drinking. It's pretty funny!

    • A Bentley

      A Bentley

      个月 前

      Lol. I tried 0.5x and it was like all these weed stocks stonking on Wealthbase had matured in the real world.

  72. Reid Jordan

    Reid Jordan

    个月 前

    Love the show but it is funny that he makes fun of the guys who "stopped learning" and didn't see Bitcoin coming then totally dismisses the idea of digital shares of collectibles. Also funny how a horse at a carnival could tell you that a 10 P/E is lower than a 40 P/E then they say that Private Equity will do poorly because of high multiples.

  73. NCP Realty

    NCP Realty

    个月 前

    Please let’s talk everything but politics.

  74. Maarten Van Gestel

    Maarten Van Gestel

    个月 前

    Timestamps people.. add them in descriptions, yes even tho they allow the audience to skip to where they want, this is what the audience wants... ► [0:27] Bitcoin's Blow-Off Top - the crypto asset lost a quarter of its value in one night, what's up? ► [4:15] The new Tesla bull case - BofA literally says the stock is going up because the stock is going up. Seriously. ► [9:19] Bad Habits - What's the worst habit from the pandemic year that you're going to lose this year? ► [11:32] Howard Marks's new memo - legendary value investor discovers the answer to why growth has outperformed and will continue to. ► [17:30] Venture Capitalism vs Private Equity - Which will be a bigger disappointment for investors in the new decade? ► [18:55] Micro Bubbles - They are everywhere, even if the overall market isn't in a bubble. ► [19:45] Is Chamath the new Warren Buffett - Josh says yes, maybe. ► [21:32] Investing in Collectibles - Should you be speculating in shares of a baseball card or someone else's Porsche just because interest rates are low?

  75. Invest To Live

    Invest To Live

    个月 前

    Great take. I don't care who Chamath is most like as long as I can make plays on his moves!

  76. workout


    个月 前

    My 2021 mantra: "Let go and let Cathie Wood and Pomp". Turns out they are smarter than me.

  77. Antonio


    个月 前

    Get Chamath on your podcast Josh. Two legends!

  78. Julius


    个月 前

    The difference is Tesla actually knows what to do with the money they raise...every other company gives up and offers a dividend.

  79. Daily Data

    Daily Data

    个月 前

    yes - bye

  80. Chcapitalgroup


    个月 前

    Josh nice job on the EYL podcast Monday night, you give out some real gems!!

  81. walnut investing

    walnut investing

    个月 前

    Experts trying to predict the future of stocks and valuation metrics just seems impossible even for the best of the best. People get so caught up in capital gains but when you start to focus on compounding interest through dividend stocks or index funds you start to sleep alot better regardless of markets going up or down

  82. Efe E

    Efe E

    个月 前

    Everybody is a genius in bull markets. Don't forget that this has been an incredible 10+ year long bull market. I love Chamath and Cathie Wood, but Warren has an immaculate track record for over 50 years, seeing times when markets were flat for more than a decade. I'd love to see these how these new investors perform even on short lasting bear markets, if that ever happens.

  83. itibiti jimi

    itibiti jimi

    个月 前

    I agree So much with you Josh, everyone needs to forget social media

  84. C J

    C J

    个月 前

    And did you see the thousands of OTHER peaceful protesters? And the summer of Armed BLM Destructive riots?

  85. C J

    C J

    个月 前

    Nancy rhymes with Nazi. You don’t block a President who tells followers to go home peacefully.

  86. Banks Deposits

    Banks Deposits

    个月 前

    EYL, Josh Brown 🔥🔥

  87. Prashant Agarwal

    Prashant Agarwal

    个月 前

    you guys seem naive as far as btc is concerned -- blow off top? huh .. game has just begun

  88. Ash G

    Ash G

    个月 前

    Chamath' Sachs😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Wholesaling Tony

    Wholesaling Tony

    个月 前

    This was another great episode... I saw Josh on eyl the other day, very informative. Guys keep up the great work.

  90. James amy

    James amy

    个月 前

    Let’s see Chamath and Wood manage through a full cycle before equating them with Buffett. In a 13 year one way market the probability that someone looks like a genius but just got lucky is pretty darned high.

  91. atrivedi78


    个月 前

    can this be added to the podcast feed please?

  92. James amy

    James amy

    个月 前

    So with you JB, life so much better since I left Facebook.

  93. Finance Optimum

    Finance Optimum

    个月 前

    *lol, Bitcoin is forming a larger-scale parabolic trend. Corrections like these are standard in bull markets* 😂

  94. Richard Hyett

    Richard Hyett

    个月 前

    Josh's remark about the carnival horse that could count. Originaly this was 'Clever Hans'. Hans couldn't count but he could read humans body language. It's an interesting story.

  95. Keith Milliken

    Keith Milliken

    个月 前

    What about the huge Sports section and huge Investing/Trading crew

  96. Nick


    个月 前

    Twitter has (probably accidentally) built one of the most toxic and cancerous social tools in history and it's not fixable because that in itself is the lure... i dont think many people would disagree that the world would be a better place if it had never existed.

    • Jeff F

      Jeff F

      个月 前

      I disagree and I think Twitter has instantly become a better place already because Trump single-handedly has driven the toxicity. He’s insane and evil and his followers have proven themselves to be the same and as Josh said for the remaining people it’s going to be a much better place

  97. Nick


    个月 前

    the JB comment about how the tesla analyst call means that "every stock that goes up should technically then be able to keep rising as they put more money to work" just doesnt work though, it works for tesla because they have proven to have such amazing scalability and efficiency and expanding their production, building these pre-fab factories and consistently bringing their prices down. If you throw more money at most business they would just squander it or sit on it or pay a dividend. Tesla raise cash and then within weeks there is talk of new factory sites and months later production starts, its insane. How many times do you see a company raise cash and then 3 years later they have done literally nothing if note in relation to it.

  98. Ryan Francis

    Ryan Francis

    个月 前

    Haha Josh is on 🔥 with all Truth bombs

  99. Kenneth cox

    Kenneth cox

    个月 前

    It actually makes me want a Twitter lmao. I don’t have one but after 2020 and all of the toxic racist posts on FB. It seems like a good alternative.

  100. K K

    K K

    个月 前

    Chamath is a snake oil salesman..let's wait a decade before crowning him king. Doing SPAC deals and pumping Bitcoin isn't indicative of a great financial mind.