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-번역 / subs
영어 / English : Sarah Lee
스페인어 / Spanish : amigo coreano
러시아어 / Russian : Surgey Urazov
중국어(Chinese), 인도네시아어(Indonesian) : Monica Christina
일본어 / Japanese : Yuri
태국어 / Thai : Nart Piengpaj
터키어 / Turkish : Wildcard.13
포르투갈어 / Portuguese : Louise Kayanuma
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묘종 : 노르웨이 숲 고양이
이름 : 광복이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.08.15
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견종 : 사모예드
이름 : 밀키
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.12.03
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묘종 : 길고양이(유기동물 보호소 구조묘, 코리안 숏헤어)
이름 : 탄이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2020년 4월 말 추정
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Name : Gwang Bok
Type : Norwegian Forest
Sex : male
Birth : 15.08.2018
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Name : Milky
Type : Samoyed
Sex : male
Birth : 03.12.2018
▶ Profile
Name : Tan
Type : Ginger Domestic Shorthair/Tabby
Sex : male
Birth : Late April, 2020(estimate)


  1. Matt Kan

    Matt Kan

    11 分钟 前

    My dogs are like this too. They always try to dig when they are on the couch.

  2. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    12 分钟 前

    Milky:-"It's a Samoyed ritual"

  3. Alex


    35 分钟 前

    Small bro and Milky: *digging like crazy* GB: 🤨😒 i taught you better than this

  4. Alex


    36 分钟 前

    Maybe put something in or on just that part of the scratching post so that Tan can't reach in and damage it?

  5. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    37 分钟 前

    Some time you have to reprimand them

  6. Alex


    37 分钟 前

    Milky: *digging furiously* Small bro: 👁👄👁 Small bro: ... *joins digging*

  7. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    40 分钟 前

    3:21 Tan:-"My daily challenge done"

  8. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    42 分钟 前

    2:51 LOL the most chaotic

  9. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    45 分钟 前

    1:47 the way Milky kiss back 😘🥰

  10. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    46 分钟 前

    1:36 LOL

  11. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    48 分钟 前

    Every time butler take mattress to rest Milky:-"It's mine it's mine" 1:17

  12. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    51 分钟 前

    0:40 Milky's girlfriend!!!

  13. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    52 分钟 前

    0:24 the look 😂

  14. Arunabha Paul

    Arunabha Paul

    54 分钟 前

    Finally a video on Milky's curious digging topic 👍

  15. 고래


    小时 前

    하루에 세 번씩은 보는 디그다 밀키..너무 귀엽다..

  16. Саги Ибрагим

    Саги Ибрагим

    3 小时 前

    Прекрасная семья, всегда рада вашим видео!)

  17. 6KRIUS


    7 小时 前

    My Spitz does it too xD

  18. Ashley Nagel

    Ashley Nagel

    7 小时 前

    sigh, why Tan why? XD

  19. Nafsi


    7 小时 前

    Are you sure Milky wasn't a rabbit in his past life?

  20. Ustini Tini

    Ustini Tini

    7 小时 前

    . GB watching small bro dig with milky: "I'll never understand why cats are not at the top of the food chain instead of silly humans" GB watching Tan destroy scratching post: "ah yes, that's why"

  21. Mayumi Dueñas

    Mayumi Dueñas

    7 小时 前

    Los besos que te dan me matan de golpe al corazón MILK me encanta Parece que TAN se come de todo a poco se lo comera a GB (ఠ ̥̆ ఠ)♥‍️🌺♥‍️🌺♥‍️🌺♥💐

  22. MariaDeLosAngeles Cabrales

    MariaDeLosAngeles Cabrales

    9 小时 前

    Tan se pasa de lindo! Saludos desde Colombia 👏 un abrazo enorme

  23. I.M. Shirley Rongh

    I.M. Shirley Rongh

    10 小时 前

    Adolescence in cats winds down from 18 to 24 months, at 2 they're fully formed adults.

  24. MonicaJeanne WashburneTeslaFezzik

    MonicaJeanne WashburneTeslaFezzik

    13 小时 前

    What is that mattress made out of?! It's so... intact! And I had a cat who would sit on my lap ALL the time. If I sat down only to put on my shoes, she was in my lap before I even had one on. Be prepared. You may have an actual lap cat.

  25. rosely mira

    rosely mira

    15 小时 前

    Ele é o bebê da casa, ama muito o dono E sabe que é amado lindos

  26. Ofel Reloj

    Ofel Reloj

    18 小时 前

    happy to see their own ability. love this three creatures of God. ❤️😍

  27. Fortuna Queipo Garcia

    Fortuna Queipo Garcia

    19 小时 前

    Ils sont tous les 3 félicitation pour votre temps passé avec eux

  28. Дилара Мирина

    Дилара Мирина

    19 小时 前

    Милки такой лапочка😘😘😘

  29. Shradha Mehta

    Shradha Mehta

    20 小时 前

    You and milky are such a duo to scratch the beds together i didn't know🤦‍♀️😂

  30. Girlie Bermoy

    Girlie Bermoy

    20 小时 前

    Ha ha ha tan is very,,,,smart he discover a toy,,,😆😍😍

  31. Tia MP Ivey

    Tia MP Ivey

    20 小时 前

    Tan is so cute and curious 😍

  32. Tia MP Ivey

    Tia MP Ivey

    20 小时 前

    He’s so cute🥰

  33. Dalysyaneth Romero

    Dalysyaneth Romero

    21 小时 前

    Es maravilloso ver tus vídeos son tan divertidos Gracias, gracias, Gracias 🙏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Rosani Lebron

    Rosani Lebron

    21 小时 前

    Aaawww...Milky is so cute!!! My kitty girl Gaia is 7 years now and she's still a baby. She's extremely affectionate and playful. So, Tan will be like that furever!

  35. Eringineering


    21 小时 前

    Tan is so rambunctious because he's just an adolescent at only 1-2 years old! Don't worry, he'll be less rowdy once he reaches GB's age. Cats usually start to mellow out around 3 to 4 years. They'll still be affectionate and playful, but with less excess destructive energy. :)

  36. 배정아


    22 小时 前


  37. 배정아


    22 小时 前


  38. 배정아


    22 小时 前

    ㅎㅎ 귀여워

  39. Rose Online

    Rose Online

    23 小时 前

    after the carpet, now the scratch bowl 😁

  40. shobana satyamurthy

    shobana satyamurthy

    23 小时 前

    Both my dogs do it lol🤣🤣

  41. Banana bread

    Banana bread

    23 小时 前

    He protecc He attacc but most importantly.... he digs until his hooman digs bacc

  42. Banana bread

    Banana bread

    23 小时 前

    Friend: So how do you and your dog bond? small bro: we dig together on a mattress

  43. Brian Ellinger

    Brian Ellinger

    天 前

    These filth crime family holding me hostage.... Also stole my spoon

  44. Aidah Bakri

    Aidah Bakri

    天 前

    😂😁 milky

  45. Snow and Wet Leaves

    Snow and Wet Leaves

    天 前

    I am a good butler and provide my cat with 3 options for him to sleep. My cat is on my lap. :)

  46. SZA


    天 前

    About Tan's hyper-ness: Have you seen one of the cats on ShoKo's channel? The black cat (Shorty) is about 10 years old and she still acts like a kitten--all derpy & a little insane & cute & unstoppable. So maybe Tan's energetic period is never-ending? 😆

  47. 권오숙


    天 前


  48. Agi Daw

    Agi Daw

    天 前

    KING GB👑

  49. Play Pokemon None

    Play Pokemon None

    天 前

    Some dig soil, some play on water. So for milky he will dig on the mattress or carpet😂😂😂

  50. Амира Ямараева

    Амира Ямараева

    天 前

    Копалки от Милки 😂👍🏼

  51. Lisbeth Moore

    Lisbeth Moore

    天 前

    Soooo cute.. mine does the same ♥️



    天 前

    3:42 많이 키우진 않았지만 3년째 키우는데도 안바뀌는걸요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  53. Brazen Vlog

    Brazen Vlog

    天 前

    Tan always finds something new to destroy, it must be so frustrating 😅

  54. nomoreinc nomoreinc

    nomoreinc nomoreinc

    天 前

    Omg, his digging is hilarious

  55. Mrs. Joyce Rajasingh Joseph

    Mrs. Joyce Rajasingh Joseph

    天 前


  56. Tracy


    天 前

    Sorry to break it to you, my cat is now 6 years old and she still sleeps on me.

  57. Vania GM

    Vania GM

    天 前

    😂😂 Tan siempre buscando algo nuevo para destruir, se nota que es el pequeño alborotador, por cierto Milky y el hermano menor jugando juntos son lo más tierno y lindo del mundo ☺️, no se porque se me ocurrió que tal vez Milky lo hace porque piensa que el hermano menor está incómodo y quiere acomodar el lugar para él.

  58. rodica popescu

    rodica popescu

    天 前

    Dear Mr. Butler you are a wonderful Mother to your children !!! :) much love to you from people who love pets around the world !!

  59. valsol


    天 前

    i dont know if u will see this but judging from past videos... i feel like tan needs a place to hide and be alone... he destroyed the couch not only because he wanted attention but also to hide, we can see he hid there when the strangers arrived... maybe getting him some sort of little cave would help? just my opinion

  60. britta t

    britta t

    天 前

    Dear lawd! When Milky started to dig...I was like Lil bruh should start digging too! And there you are digging right along with him!!! Literally died laughing!!!

  61. Katia Hernandez

    Katia Hernandez

    天 前

    Es un gato inquieto, juguetón y super travieso. Pero es lindo y hay que quererlo mucho

  62. Roxane Williams

    Roxane Williams

    天 前

    He is loved, love them all❤

  63. Clara Yu

    Clara Yu

    天 前

    where do you buy your mattress from? looks comfy!

  64. Roxane Williams

    Roxane Williams

    天 前

    He loves kisses❤

  65. Rhaiza Faria

    Rhaiza Faria

    天 前

    You playing with Milky, it's very cute ....🤗😍🤗😍

  66. Hobi Hobi Ho

    Hobi Hobi Ho

    天 前

    Lol, Milky is such a good boy! And I think Tan will remain that way. Hopefully he'll get over destroying stuff soon.

  67. susan helms

    susan helms

    天 前

    Might ba a good idea to put a small towel cloth over the bottom.

  68. Luna Rip

    Luna Rip

    天 前

    Tan is to smart for his own good…😂😂😂 I love him lol I love all of them…🥰

  69. EbonyMarwells


    天 前

    У вас много животных но очень чисто!!!👏👏👏👏

  70. Kinson Cooper

    Kinson Cooper

    天 前

    Let us suggest something to you.... watch the "Dog Whisperer"....plz.

  71. nninna losadagarcia

    nninna losadagarcia

    天 前


  72. francisca


    天 前

    i think you should to be proud of yourself, a playful pet is a happy and beloved pet, that mean they feel loved and care, and the three of them are so cute, im gonna die of a cuteness attack PD: i agree with the others comments, we need more Milky diggi videos

  73. HANA Rj

    HANA Rj

    天 前

    What are you doing to me man??? I'm falling in love again with this video!

  74. Clever Fox

    Clever Fox

    天 前

    This is most hilarious movie I have seen 😄 on a week 1:36

  75. Руслана Кириса

    Руслана Кириса

    天 前

    Милки очень красивый, и копать у него получается затейливо, класс

  76. Татьяна Кузнецова

    Татьяна Кузнецова

    天 前

    Привет,это у Тана не детство,а просто привычка,любовь к хозяину

  77. pramita nandy

    pramita nandy

    天 前

    I lost my father 2 weeks ago...after seeing milky I remember the sweet argument on pet dog between me and dad...i am missing him

  78. Tanusree Biswas

    Tanusree Biswas

    天 前

    Small bro is so cute digging mattress

  79. Adcihllyine Jambre

    Adcihllyine Jambre

    天 前

    Can I borrow milky?😌

  80. Fen Su

    Fen Su

    天 前

    I think Tan is definitely starting his rebellious teenage phase, my furbaby is like him except instead of only destroying things he also howls at me🤦‍♀️*cry inside* ~ So I read on a research journal, they mentioned by average for cats, at the age of 8 they are calmer in energy level but this is very much dependent on the amount of food is fed to them per day and how many times a day. For example most veterinary food brands would recommend so much kg/cat weight be fed once a day and the timing of each feeding. Some people only feed them once in a day 😅these cats don’t have much energy as other cats who are fed more often... I didn’t continue reading as that sounded too sad for me personally because my cats have such cute meows that I can’t ignore 🙈😅 So For myself I spread it 2 main and 1 small afternoon, which gave them a routine to stick to and this does calm the more energetic one because his body is now conditioned to conserve energy (This excludes snacks because he had uti and that scared me to know I almost lost him). I do hope things get calmer during sleep time for you guys soon ☺️!

  81. 황새봄


    天 前

    우리집 달봉인 세살인데 여전히 말썽꾸러기예요^^

  82. pknf Pknf

    pknf Pknf

    天 前

    Ha, ha How funny that you dig together! 💖 this 👍🤗. Poor Tan.. I wonder if its a seperation anxiety or is that normal behavior with ginger short haired cats? Hope he will stop this soon. Have a great day to all bro's and all kids! 💖 😎Johanna, sweden

  83. clarita


    天 前

    will, i got new for u... Tan will stay like that forever! hahaha our cat used to be like that

  84. clarita


    天 前

    Milky so freaking cute! GB so well behaved and then Tan... who's protecting his conquest at all cost, hahaha another scratcher, another conquest

  85. Udani Gunarathne

    Udani Gunarathne

    天 前

    Milky’s mentality never get older for sure!!!

  86. Marlene Macas T.

    Marlene Macas T.

    天 前

    Dicen que cada gato tiene su personalidad, ahí el ejemplo, entre GB y Tan, son hermosos cada uno con su forma de ser. 😍😄🐈🐈

  87. 장예지


    天 前

    옛날부터 탄이 우리 고양이랑 비슷한점 많다고 한 사람인데요..^^ 계속저래여 ... 애기때부터 뭐 먹으면 안될것을 뜯고 씹고 젤 힘들게 하는건 그런걸 먹고^^ ...우다다에.. 막 사람들 자는데 계속 울고 그거 쭉 하는중 ...ing.....(현재 3살)

  88. Summer SS

    Summer SS

    2 天 前

    naughty Tan...

  89. D


    2 天 前

    This video popped in my mentions, and i dont know why; however, its a FANTASTIC surprise! Thumbs up!

    • 밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan


      天 前

      Thank you 😁

  90. Grace Hew

    Grace Hew

    2 天 前

    ......just go with the flow.......☺️

  91. Summer SS

    Summer SS

    2 天 前

    very funny..hahah

  92. Cadii


    2 天 前

    Lol let Tan stay like that forever! Little baby! ❤️ It was funny how Milky was digging then the butler started too. 😂😂 GB is like always a gentleman! 😎

  93. Choen꼬비신부 뭉히

    Choen꼬비신부 뭉히

    2 天 前


  94. Maria Corazon Ternura

    Maria Corazon Ternura

    2 天 前

    Milky is into mattresses while our Shih Tzu is into floor mats and rags. We can't just help it. **Haha**

  95. Taeunion


    2 天 前

    Milky hahahahahahahaha

  96. Марина Иванова

    Марина Иванова

    2 天 前

    Белый пушистик классный.

  97. sarah boardman

    sarah boardman

    2 天 前

    GB would probably love to climb trees but he can't go outside. My ginger long hair who was very like GB, love to climb and sit high up. He too was a gentleman and very smart. In fact all my cats have been smart and clever, each very different from the other. Enjoy them, they are little princes.

  98. sarah boardman

    sarah boardman

    2 天 前

    Amber, my calico cat used to love tearing up paper, lol rolls, and cardboard to the day she died at seventeen. 😉

  99. sarah boardman

    sarah boardman

    2 天 前

    You've got years of tan goofing around it's just his nature. He calm down a little about five , then again at ten. My twenty one year old cat, stopped her hunting and goofy stuff only a few years ago, perhaps at seventeen.

  100. sarah boardman

    sarah boardman

    2 天 前

    Hey bros, I'm missing seeing GB being clever. How about some game or test vlogs!!?? Please 😍