Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud

Today's ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president's tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  1. Dasha Kilpatrick

    Dasha Kilpatrick

    2 小时 前

    Aahhah ha ha ha

  2. Ren Gar

    Ren Gar

    4 小时 前

    About time... 👍

  3. Nelson grante

    Nelson grante

    10 小时 前

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  4. Malena Luna

    Malena Luna

    11 小时 前

    Yes, we all know DT is guilty, of more things than can be imagined, another is why isn't he charged. Let's hope the Alcapone rule applies If nothing else..

  5. Lord Lucius

    Lord Lucius

    13 小时 前

    It wasn’t even just a decade ago when Texas was warned, 1987 after a big storm a report was created and they were warned, they had DECADES and it was brushed under the rug.

  6. doire aintu

    doire aintu

    15 小时 前

    The Eric shit straight killed me

  7. Charles


    15 小时 前

    Okay, we didn't get the impeachment, but we got the tax returns (at some point). Make it 2/3 and get the pee-pee tape?

  8. Victoria Isaza

    Victoria Isaza

    15 小时 前

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    16 小时 前

    Did you see how many thumbs down ....2.7 k ...we dont want to hear you or listen to you.

    • doire aintu

      doire aintu

      15 小时 前

      Lame entertainment 😒

  10. KING TUT


    16 小时 前

    Well talk about a fraud ...well Steve your one 1

  11. Bryan Murillo

    Bryan Murillo

    16 小时 前

    Trump going to prison based on his track record with getting away with everything? I don't think so 🤔

  12. Annette Spadaro

    Annette Spadaro

    17 小时 前

    Funny comic

  13. Stanley Shannon

    Stanley Shannon

    17 小时 前

    Maybe that can add that to all the years in prison he got for colluding with Russia....

  14. Connie Crawford

    Connie Crawford

    20 小时 前

    Lock them both up!!!’

  15. Jenny Shull

    Jenny Shull

    21 小时 前

    On the plus side free scrap metal that can be sold for money for necessities like repairs and lawyer and cost of going to court to sue the airline responsible for the free scrap metal.

  16. Cody caballero

    Cody caballero

    天 前

    That man is not funny he is a piece of s*** I don't think anybody watches him be made to be cancelled

  17. John Sagan

    John Sagan

    天 前

    Welp, Donny Darko finally escaped his causal loop.

  18. John Sagan

    John Sagan

    天 前

    This one is BRUTAL, I love it!

  19. zach shapiro

    zach shapiro

    天 前

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  20. Jazlynn Demacos

    Jazlynn Demacos

    天 前

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  21. - Slinger -

    - Slinger -

    天 前

    Only 38% of Americans have children?

  22. tom wool

    tom wool

    天 前

    👍👍👍👍😂😅👍👍❤️☺️ It's good to see you again

  23. Gimi Armany

    Gimi Armany

    天 前

    You are the funniest show hands down👍🏾❤💥💥😂🤣

  24. alonso tristan

    alonso tristan

    天 前

    Lame entertainment 😒

    • alonso tristan

      alonso tristan

      天 前

      Your not even funny 😒

  25. Nico Hadad

    Nico Hadad

    天 前

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  26. Hunter Garvey

    Hunter Garvey

    天 前

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  27. mike nguyen

    mike nguyen

    天 前

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  28. Malou Jontilano

    Malou Jontilano

    天 前

    Everybody is talking about Fraud but what about the downplaying Covid causing lives loss beyond imagination.

  29. Alex Flores

    Alex Flores

    天 前

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  30. Robyn Santon

    Robyn Santon

    天 前

    It’s embarrassing someone like him to get a TV show only in America

  31. วรรณภา หยองน้อย

    วรรณภา หยองน้อย

    天 前

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  32. Oners82


    天 前

    I used to like Colbert but out of character he's just weird and awkward.

  33. desahwn cruz

    desahwn cruz

    天 前

    Wasn’t bc of Biden lol

  34. b s

    b s

    天 前

    Keep dreaming buudy

  35. Francis Peter

    Francis Peter

    天 前

    It might happen with Trump but that doesn’t make Colbert any less of an idiot.

  36. Ava


    天 前

    I'm tired of hearing that Trump "could" go to jail. Sorry, but put up or shut up. And Colbert's still got it.

  37. bobi lambo

    bobi lambo

    天 前

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  38. Renee Minicozzi

    Renee Minicozzi

    天 前

    Turd Cruz.

  39. Nuna Yobusiness

    Nuna Yobusiness

    天 前

    And Seth, Steven, all the other late night losers porn tapes will surface also.

  40. Allan Ramos

    Allan Ramos

    天 前

    That’s not funny at all.

  41. Kenni André Pedersen

    Kenni André Pedersen

    天 前

    "Which box has the head" I died 😂

  42. Jan truitt

    Jan truitt

    天 前


  43. Content Toilet

    Content Toilet

    天 前

    I wonder if propagandists like this guy moved all their money out of the market or if they’re also losing it because of this vegetable in chief. That would be really ironic

  44. Roger C

    Roger C

    天 前

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  45. Mike Ortiz

    Mike Ortiz

    天 前

    A true JERK

  46. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    天 前

    "We're gonna need a bigger boat." 🤣

  47. Therehsus Kra

    Therehsus Kra

    天 前

    Without mentioning trumpnyour show is just like a oven commercial... shit. No matter how many times you say you're going to move on...

  48. Ellen Turner

    Ellen Turner

    天 前

    Why don't u just give it up

  49. Hoang Quynh Phuong

    Hoang Quynh Phuong

    2 天 前

    The highfalutin toe classically burn because bull particularly muddle up a truculent aftershave. freezing, late flight

    • yuoop noke

      yuoop noke

      天 前

      Cruz doesn’t like Trump he just knows he has to pretend he likes him so that the Trump supporters will keep him - such a smarmy, hypocrite !

  50. Laurie York

    Laurie York

    2 天 前

    I love you! And you're great! But i don't like how you make fun of eric. It's the teeth thing. It bothers me and really looks like something trump would do. Again I really love your show. Thanks for reading. Laurie



    2 天 前

    2 Timothy 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

  52. Sawinder Srao

    Sawinder Srao

    2 天 前

    Good info all the time

  53. Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker

    Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker

    2 天 前

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  54. Makanouchi Ippo

    Makanouchi Ippo

    2 天 前

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  55. Jálale Jeowkr

    Jálale Jeowkr

    2 天 前

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  56. Dalorath


    2 天 前

    You sound either high as Frak or Drunk tonight :-D :-D

  57. Beets Mcskeets

    Beets Mcskeets

    2 天 前

    Your writers are totally garbage

  58. Alphonse van Worden

    Alphonse van Worden

    2 天 前

    Yo wtf Stephen’s teeth are so white, I wonder what type of bleach he uses

  59. Sven Nielsen

    Sven Nielsen

    2 天 前

    Go on pension. You are not funny.



    2 天 前

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    2 天 前

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  62. Isaac Suarez

    Isaac Suarez

    2 天 前

    Trump is out of office, Stephen. Christ's sake, find new material.

  63. Tom Chapman

    Tom Chapman

    2 天 前

    Cruz doesn’t like Trump he just knows he has to pretend he likes him so that the Trump supporters will keep him - such a smarmy, hypocrite !

  64. William Larson

    William Larson

    2 天 前

    Or money issues, sleeping w children etc. He deserves jail.

  65. sam now

    sam now

    2 天 前

    The nostalgic red surely burn because stick exemplarily film absent a scandalous product. gleaming, nutritious anime

  66. redbandit11


    2 天 前

    Steven Colbert should be the one locked up for interfering with Political Businesses he has no clue what President Trump and the American people do for a living all he does is Write Fake Propaganda and bitch about everything he sees!!!

    • Mr. Nikolaev

      Mr. Nikolaev

      2 天 前

      Go cry, Trump's going to jail, i wonder what the prisoners will think about him.

  67. Vic T

    Vic T

    2 天 前

    It is March 2nd and today the governor lifted the mask mandate and said businesses can go to 100 percent by the 10th. In other words, stay the hell out of Texas. At least we got the Eric impression again. Always puts a smile on my face.

  68. Thomas G. Steffens

    Thomas G. Steffens

    2 天 前

    I got a shot today!

  69. Levon Portillo

    Levon Portillo

    2 天 前

    Is this supposed to be funny. Its hard to watch.



    2 天 前

    "We gonna' get his orange ass in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT!"

  71. Chris T

    Chris T

    2 天 前

    Colberts fav governor gonna get jail time for covering up all those deaths in nursing homes? Ok snowflakes the title of the day is Gov Cuomo sexual predator.

  72. Roland Smyth

    Roland Smyth

    2 天 前

    When did Ted Cruz get his frontal lobotomy? Is he trying to get as fat as his idol Trumpelswillspin?

  73. george diddy

    george diddy

    2 天 前

    Get a brain will ya the USA does not ever I repeat ever put a ex president in jail for any crime real or imagined ain’t gonna happen so don’t even say it you will sound stupid and gullable

  74. Booty Saurus

    Booty Saurus

    2 天 前

    Lol even if trump went to jail it wouldnt be a normal jail, I bet it would be like a midrange hotel that you just couldnt leave for a little while.

  75. Brenda Johnson

    Brenda Johnson

    2 天 前

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  76. Feliciano Paixão

    Feliciano Paixão

    2 天 前

    If the situation in Texas gets worse, it is the Texans who will tear down the Trump wall.

  77. Luke 10:27

    Luke 10:27

    2 天 前

    I would like to inform that liberal will accept everything that he is told while a conservative will study the cause and effect before accepting it A little advice the more they attack former president Trump the followers he attracts.

  78. Howard White

    Howard White

    2 天 前

    Wearing these same masks in 2022 ? Shoot me now,please ....

  79. maxfight0701


    2 天 前

    Their heads not crushed yet.

  80. k ar ma

    k ar ma

    2 天 前

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  81. Kistinga Tuhuxz

    Kistinga Tuhuxz

    2 天 前


  82. Dan Bell Fye

    Dan Bell Fye

    2 天 前

    Three words to this so called talk show host... POS

  83. Rogue Sample

    Rogue Sample

    2 天 前

    Colbert’s inflection on Cruz’s quotes is too good

  84. Jason Shade

    Jason Shade

    2 天 前

    "But you know what they say , those who failed to learn from history were probally educated in Texas" I mean where's the lie LMFAO 😂

  85. EvilBunnie


    2 天 前


  86. Valentin Anghelescu

    Valentin Anghelescu

    2 天 前

    We lost power and water for 48 hours at my house, we at least had a gas stove so we could boil snow to keep flushing toilets and to cook our food. My dad never shut up once about how the Green New Deal was to blame. I had hourly panic attacks because of him.

  87. Jacquelyn Allen

    Jacquelyn Allen

    2 天 前

    Steve. Could I have a cup of what you’re having? 😁

  88. Saul Servin

    Saul Servin

    2 天 前

    Where is that thing@tylenal

  89. James Mcgowen

    James Mcgowen

    2 天 前

    Endless bitching thats all dems do🙃

  90. Kirk Busby

    Kirk Busby

    2 天 前

    This guy's whole life revolves around his hope that a former president has bad things happen to him and his family. This guy seems to promote hate while making a very limp attempt at being funny. What an idiot

  91. Jeffrey Durrance

    Jeffrey Durrance

    2 天 前

    Ya know ..for a guy from South Carolina, you're pretty funny

  92. Sam Ace Rothstein

    Sam Ace Rothstein

    2 天 前

    That FDR speech was pure perfection!

  93. All Noyz

    All Noyz

    2 天 前

    Wishful thinking from the delusional democrat cult....whatever clowns....

  94. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    2 天 前


  95. Bryant Mchenry

    Bryant Mchenry

    2 天 前


  96. gary gullikson

    gary gullikson

    2 天 前

    I guess I might not think Colbert was a comedy fraud if I were a Biden/left wing true believer.

  97. ricardo lopez

    ricardo lopez

    2 天 前

    Colbert is more and more boring

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      2 天 前

      Complete rubbish. What about Hawaii and Alaska? which other state are they connected to?

  98. Graeme Kenneth

    Graeme Kenneth

    2 天 前

    Solar wind turbines don’t work in freezing temperatures. Your fake news. Do you have a problem with alcohol? Your a smart arse Colbear!!

  99. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea Thomas

    2 天 前

    That fckin face is hilarious and terrifying.....

  100. thepetyo


    2 天 前

    Orange is the new orange. Even if it happens, you still have an unsolvable problem of millions being cut from reality. I just cannot figure out what could be a solution for that.