Playing my first Resident Evil 7!! [Resident Evil 7]


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I love games!!
I don't speak English very well ;(
That's why I'm going to study English so that I can talk with you more :)
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  1. Conny Lee

    Conny Lee

    11 小时 前

    I want her to play dead space lol

  2. Owen RE

    Owen RE

    天 前

    OMG 8horas ?!

    • 「 Bananajelly 」

      「 Bananajelly 」

      16 小时 前

      hay uno mas largo

  3. DatRaph


    天 前

    I didn't know tenshi did endurance streams. I'm pleasantly surprised. GG men ✌

  4. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf

    天 前

    I wish most female streamers had the stones Tenshi does. You rock!

  5. Nicky Penn

    Nicky Penn

    天 前

    8 hours stream, with a good ending, too... Damn, what an angel.

  6. Old Man

    Old Man

    2 天 前

    Good works for clearing the game. Awesome!

  7. NumbingDisasterAnon


    2 天 前

    One of my favorite games of the modern era and one my new rising favorite streamers playing for 8 straight hours? Let’s do this

  8. Idiot Windermere

    Idiot Windermere

    2 天 前

    why is there no dismemberment?

  9. Rex Roselo

    Rex Roselo

    2 天 前

    "Chu~ bye baby" God damn it! Fine! I will simp.

  10. Blue Senki

    Blue Senki

    2 天 前


  11. HDeDeDe


    3 天 前

    Fun fact: There are no basements in Louisiana because it's too close to sea level.

  12. RI hurogami

    RI hurogami

    3 天 前

    I hope she plays the dlc where you save zoe too

  13. Firman Dwi Prasetiono

    Firman Dwi Prasetiono

    3 天 前

    Try Resident Evil 4

  14. Straight Jacket

    Straight Jacket

    3 天 前

    This will be the first video I watch on this channel. Cannot wait!!! :)

  15. Dela pena Judiel jess

    Dela pena Judiel jess

    4 天 前

    Chu ba baybe

  16. MizantropMan


    4 天 前

    Shaize, she's got the official japanese version, that shit is censored! I wanted to see her react to the policeman's head getting chopped in half and later put in the fridge!

  17. Andrei Manea

    Andrei Manea

    4 天 前

    She is sooo cute

  18. Deadly Biff

    Deadly Biff

    4 天 前

    ive played and beat this game so many times watching the live chat is atrocious its so annoying with how many backseaters there are and its even more annoying how many of them are just spewing false info about what to do lmao also the amount of people spoiling in chat is so annoying too like why do people have to ruin things for other people like that

  19. Samuel Castillo

    Samuel Castillo

    4 天 前


  20. Force edge 88

    Force edge 88

    4 天 前

    She should play "Not a hero" and "End of Zoe" DLC' also.

  21. Rina


    4 天 前

    Why didn't Ethan's hand get cut off, I'm a bit confused

  22. F. Bread

    F. Bread

    4 天 前

    Tenshi Tsuyoiiii

  23. Sum1 Somewhere

    Sum1 Somewhere

    4 天 前

    Glad to see her back and what a comeback this was..great stream. It was fun

  24. Danielfpz


    4 天 前

    One stream run. Truly a poggars moment, Tenshi! 😇😄

  25. Samurako


    4 天 前

    I'm new to this channel but I enjoyed every minute of this stream, love Tenshi voice!

  26. HR- AstraL

    HR- AstraL

    4 天 前

    The Moment This Video Was Recommended For Me By CNwill I Fall In Love With This 天使 ❤️😲❤️ !! Imma Protect This 天使 At All Cost !!

  27. FloopChoop


    4 天 前

    I just came upon this vid and I now realize after watching anime and reading manga.....I could understand everything. That is when I knew that I have reached the level of Grand Degenerate.

  28. luvizone


    4 天 前

    Will you play the RE8?I will not be afraid if you play.🥰(my English is not good.sorry!

  29. PhieFty


    4 天 前

    Missed the stream? Gonna watch whole archive then

  30. Loud Radialem

    Loud Radialem

    4 天 前

    Holy molly! 340k views! Tenshi is back at the game! However, I confess I don't get the story. What the F happened?

    • Loud Radialem

      Loud Radialem

      2 天 前

      Yes. Also the first game streaming after her break. But I was saying that I don't understand the game's story.

    • てんし


      4 天 前

      I guess its because its weekend, so more people coming & watch her maybe?

  31. HyuTao


    4 天 前


  32. Blitz _Reel

    Blitz _Reel

    4 天 前

    youtube recommendations bring me here i vibe the music i sub to it

  33. Nalf


    5 天 前

    20:36 blessed

  34. Quang Tuan Tran

    Quang Tuan Tran

    5 天 前

    Sasuga tenshi, hits headshots again and again, missed the box 3 times in a row

  35. Chuuu kun

    Chuuu kun

    5 天 前


  36. Jyrus Shapit

    Jyrus Shapit

    5 天 前

    I want you to play genshin live stream

  37. DJ Soul

    DJ Soul

    5 天 前

    It's only been 3 - 4 days since she came back and she already did a endurance stream madlad tenshi

  38. Yami Hime

    Yami Hime

    5 天 前

    2:34:34 is my fave part lmao

  39. ArtMurder


    5 天 前

    1:47:22 that accuracy. Definitely someone i'd want with me in a zombie apocalypse

  40. AlphaLoid S

    AlphaLoid S

    5 天 前

    I.... Leave the stream at 4 hours.... Dumb me

  41. Piecquoro


    5 天 前

    10shi: 8hours of cute and scared 10shi 366k of people: *"i see this as an absolute win"*

  42. Artisted


    5 天 前

    Play genshin impact tenshi

  43. Thariq 00

    Thariq 00

    5 天 前

    7:56:05 that naruhodo got me so much and I'm dying from laughter xD 😂😂😂 my cutee tenshiii❤️❤️❤️

  44. The CEO of racism [sell KFC watermelon slavers]

    The CEO of racism [sell KFC watermelon slavers]

    5 天 前

    Now I can die in peace 😔

  45. Danang Khoirul Albar

    Danang Khoirul Albar

    5 天 前

    4:45:13 she said it

  46. Mr Paw

    Mr Paw

    5 天 前

    3:44:40 lmao i cant stop laughing that she shot her V card

  47. DjBBX


    5 天 前

    1:37:40 GG men

  48. Emotionless Taku Senpai

    Emotionless Taku Senpai

    5 天 前

    Waw you're really a gamer tenshi huh, goodluck for ur future vids and playthrough

  49. Yuuki yukinon

    Yuuki yukinon

    5 天 前

    lol she did finish this ina 8 hours im so happy she did it

  50. huyhuyxd


    5 天 前

    Innocent angel plays gory game

  51. Steven Lee

    Steven Lee

    5 天 前

    Ethan is a fucking superhuman. He can easily block a full swing of a tentacle has size of whole fucking tree.

  52. james lee

    james lee

    5 天 前


  53. Romar D

    Romar D

    5 天 前

    I wonder if she will play the dlc where she plays as the brolic swamp man Joe

  54. Yobama


    5 天 前


  55. Rookie Nguyen

    Rookie Nguyen

    5 天 前

    I am so glad Tenshi played to the end. I am not always be able to watch the whole stream, so seeing her finished the game in one sitting was really appreciated! Looking forward to watching you play the new Resident Evil games in the future

  56. Muki Oe

    Muki Oe

    5 天 前

    2:50 and 3:20 , trust

  57. Angemara4356


    5 天 前

    2:15:50 The moment Tenshi gets a Shotgun

    • Pierce Arner

      Pierce Arner

      3 天 前

      An incredibly important moment, thank you!

  58. Al Ji

    Al Ji

    5 天 前

    8 hrs GG Tenshi 🔥

  59. Deus Vaulter

    Deus Vaulter

    5 天 前

    I still cant believe I watched the whole stream, barely understanding a word she spoke. Shes just too adorable. Edit: Cutest Happy Fucking Birthday. I died laughing when she read it aloud.

  60. DARK Hazard

    DARK Hazard

    5 天 前

    つき 天使うと💜

  61. CodyJackH


    5 天 前

    Here's some of my favorite time stamps 5:31:51 blessed tenshi sneeze 38:50 Ha⬆️Ha⬇️Ha⬆️ Come on Mia! Evil Tenshi 1:37:40 Ha Ha Ha GG MAN 2:03:23 cute tenshi squeal 4:02:45 Waku Waku 4:12:02 "FAQ, no love you" wholesome tenshi 3:42:59 tenshi gets jump scared 2:30:41 ORA~ chainsaw tenshi 2:30:06 Baka! Baka! Baka! 5:07:25 Tenshi falls for chat humor 11:44 cockroach PANIK 20:35 cockroach PANIK 43:36 cockroach PANIK 3:00:56 WAH tenshi noises 5:31:06 satisfied tenshi noises

  62. Big Mac

    Big Mac

    5 天 前

    GG men

  63. Distructer


    5 天 前

    Oh lord have mercy... There is no way I can keep up with all the videos of that lenght x.x Well thank you anyways!

  64. Carmelo Espinoza

    Carmelo Espinoza

    5 天 前

    Best 8 hours of gameplay Tenshi Lucas- Happy birthday Tenshi

  65. slol kor

    slol kor

    5 天 前

    love love so cute I hope you won't disappear again

  66. beastman


    5 天 前

    We need Tenshi with a shotgun art.

  67. Mysterious K

    Mysterious K

    5 天 前

    Holy smokes stream was 8 hours :O

  68. Hadi Naziran

    Hadi Naziran

    5 天 前

    GG MEN 😎

  69. Tyler D

    Tyler D

    5 天 前

    The first V-Tuber I ever watched was playing this game (A.I.). Now, years later, I’m watching my favorite V-Tuber play it. Full circle, folks. Full circle.

  70. Torva Messor

    Torva Messor

    5 天 前

    Bro endurance streams nice but you wanna know what's better all day all night till morning of black ops 2 back in 2012

  71. MVCPremiumGamer


    5 天 前

    Oh the JP censored version of RE7, still one iron man of a stream from our tenshi. :D

  72. Paul Bonnevie

    Paul Bonnevie

    5 天 前

    2:03:23 kyaaa

  73. shimp Ten

    shimp Ten

    5 天 前

    brave tenshi soooooooooo cute i love you

  74. Neox Nux

    Neox Nux

    5 天 前

    Shit bcz i too amaze with ppl playing minecraft that i miss tenshi livestream

  75. Pero Kami

    Pero Kami

    5 天 前

    Loved the whole stream! Glad she had a great time.

  76. Anshori Abdul Aziz

    Anshori Abdul Aziz

    5 天 前

    I was there from the start till the end and i literally forgot to eat XD, anyway your aim is so good i am impressed. Gg men 💙

  77. Nicolas Monty

    Nicolas Monty

    5 天 前

    K am from the est time zone so I coulf not watch the livestrean forv8hrs since about hslfway through it was about 2 or 2:30am. Luckiky I can watch the rest in the archives.



    5 天 前

    YOU AINT GETTIN AWAAAY~! Jack is awesome huh?

  79. RAMLIE


    5 天 前

    Tenshi's 8 hours of streaming Me: Happy and Wonderful to watch how our tenshi beats the game in one go Congratulation tenshii!

  80. JJ Senpai

    JJ Senpai

    5 天 前

    8 hours of streaming till she finished the game, now that's true determination right there! Good work Tenshi!! Rest well and glad you had fun!! Thanks for the stream!!!👏👏👏

  81. Yer_Nan M8

    Yer_Nan M8

    5 天 前

    She comes back and plays one of my favourite games? Truly a great angel.

  82. Solace


    5 天 前

    さすが Gamer Tenshi

  83. GiofrancoPlays


    5 天 前

    Shotguns are the best weapon for Tenshi

  84. tenshimp


    5 天 前

    Tenshi is da best

  85. ShadowGamer999


    5 天 前

    Wow! 8 hours that is insane good one Tenshi. 👍

  86. ファクルズ.


    5 天 前

    48:29 for my personal use

  87. Eagan


    5 天 前

    She wasn't even scared of anything lol, I flinched at every single corner expecting zombies to pop out. Sasuga Brave TENSHIII 😂

  88. eksekyel


    5 天 前

    oh no, i missed the stream :( gomene tenshi

  89. Arnold ds

    Arnold ds

    5 天 前


  90. Gian P.

    Gian P.

    5 天 前

    4:45:09 if it's your birthday!

  91. NotDraem


    5 天 前

    Why did I watch this..........because

  92. DPxRovic04


    5 天 前

    I've watch this 8 hours straight I sacrifice my time for reading manga and its worth it💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  93. Shah Aznable

    Shah Aznable

    5 天 前

    She have massive muscle for carrying entire stream.

  94. Kai Play Game

    Kai Play Game

    5 天 前

    I trust Tenshi with my life Especially with an SMG

  95. Red Zero

    Red Zero

    5 天 前

    8HRS stream 疲れ様です kawaii tenshi

  96. tytsty


    5 天 前

    I can’t believe she beated resident evil in 8 hours

  97. Andy Hoang

    Andy Hoang

    5 天 前

    4:34:31 Cute moment

  98. Ame Simp

    Ame Simp

    5 天 前

    Bruh 8 hours?



    5 天 前

    Tenshi had so much stamina, GG men

  100. Wafferu


    5 天 前

    Sasuga tenshi! Once she decides to finish a game, she doesn't stop until it is finished.