How Covid-19 Accelerated The Rise Of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are kitchens designed for delivery-only businesses, without dine-in areas or customer facing storefronts. The pandemic has ravaged dine-in eateries, and companies that have focused on delivery could come out on top if the current trends continue. Watch the full video to see why ghost kitchens are taking over the restaurant industry.
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How Covid-19 Accelerated The Rise Of Ghost Kitchens


  1. Laura Cyr

    Laura Cyr

    天 前

    Something about not being able to see the food being made bothers me.

  2. Corey Pennington

    Corey Pennington

    天 前

    I'm fine with ordering online. I love that part. But i would rather just go and pick it up myself.

  3. bioches


    5 天 前

    Welcome to Bill Gate's America

  4. Malwaeve


    6 天 前

    The thing that's REEAEAALLLLYYYY annoying about these delivery services is when nobody picks up your order for 3 hours and then it get's cancelled....and you're just sitting there hungry debating if you should just make something else to eat

  5. Twitter Cliffdog01

    Twitter Cliffdog01

    9 天 前

    This is interesting I wonder if someone has done the research around whether people stick to doing takeout in New Zealand or other COVID lite areas. For me, I've largely gone back to eating at out compared to ordering in from Uber Eats or other delivery services like I was during our Lv3 or 2.5 lockdowns. I find eating at a Restaurant/Bar/Cafe is often more convenient with much Higher quality than even the best delivery especially Southeast Asian dishes and Burgers those rarely seem to travel well.

  6. Piomi Strawhat

    Piomi Strawhat

    11 天 前

    32 bucks for burger and fries

  7. insertAlias


    12 天 前

    @5:40 I’m surprised Wow Bao’s CEO is a white guy. I wonder how Asian Americans feel about that? Seems kinda inauthentic. I could be wrong.

  8. RellyOhBoy


    12 天 前

    Call em whatever you want (Ghost Kitchen, Takeout only, Digital Dining, etc,). I'm not paying $25 for a $10 meal.

  9. Marinho Louhenapessy

    Marinho Louhenapessy

    16 天 前

    Dont whistle while you talk bruh

  10. Byron Richards

    Byron Richards

    17 天 前

    LOL I’m door dashing while watching this video

  11. Dan Thompson

    Dan Thompson

    18 天 前

    The verdant balance worrisomely charge because package realistically bake save a smelly surprise. dramatic, sad fiction

  12. Bobby Digital

    Bobby Digital

    21 天 前

    so many middle men when ordering through mobile app

  13. yogesh.kumbam98 98

    yogesh.kumbam98 98

    25 天 前

    Ghost kitchens are a big hit India

  14. needmoreramsay


    27 天 前

    Great infomercial for restaurants with less employees and more profit for the owners. What they don't talk about is the fact that as more people have less/no income, less can afford to order out. It's like the snake that eats it's own tail.

    • MMC Creations

      MMC Creations

      23 天 前

      Restaurant workers probably weren't ordering out in the first place because of how low they get paid

  15. A H Stone

    A H Stone

    27 天 前

    We dont order food online or go out to eat. It is expensive. We live on a fixed income. I cook everyday.

  16. Business Guide

    Business Guide

    28 天 前

    As always, quality videos right here!

  17. Matt Vesta

    Matt Vesta

    28 天 前

    Now you’re gonna pay the same for a meal, but you’ll eat it in your 20sqm apartment in your bed watching Netflix, while falling asleep and thinking about to go to work tomorrow just to pay your rent, this is not evolution...

  18. The happy one

    The happy one

    28 天 前

    American culture is crap!

  19. Raquel AN

    Raquel AN

    28 天 前

    When I use these apps I try to always order from a ma and pa place.

    • Raquel AN

      Raquel AN

      3 天 前

      @vshah1010 yeah I hate that they should make it fare also if they do that then they should make delivery free. I understand if they want the deliverers needs money but that's what tips are for also they charge 11-5% for service feed on top of it.

    • vshah1010


      3 天 前

      The apps are charging up to 30% above the cost of the items, so it's hurting the restaurant. I just call the restaurant and I pick up the food.

  20. bonsai108


    29 天 前

    Travis Kalanick is investing ghost kitchens as a way to park real estate investments. The food charge delivery model is for big families where the immigrant grandparents are too old to cook, the “kids” are grown, educated and have high paying jobs. The big family household dies out in 3 generations of being in America. Then you are no good to the government machine. Other than that people don’t have a car or don’t want to lose their parking space.

  21. Ojou Worshiper

    Ojou Worshiper

    个月 前

    Wait in america delivery is like $8-$15?in my poor country is like 50 cent-$1 and sometimes free

    • grimshal


      28 天 前

      Lowest I've ever had here is 2. And I live a major city, if you go to smaller towns these apps are uselesd

  22. Southbay LA

    Southbay LA

    个月 前

    I think take out is better because I hate waiting at the store and 3 other people are trying to order while my order is ready and I have to cut all of them just to pick up my order

  23. DJ truf

    DJ truf

    个月 前

    Such a dumb name for these kitchens, The kitchens are fully staffed.

  24. Cyrus Hale

    Cyrus Hale

    个月 前

    Like one of the last speakers to speak basically said "you might lose a waiter but you gain a delivery driver." What is a driver but a waiter on wheels.

  25. Bader Alsane

    Bader Alsane

    个月 前

    So invest in delivery companies like grubhub is a good idea

  26. y19gmusic


    个月 前

    What was going on during 2:22 - 2:28 ?? Did I just witness a drama or something??

  27. Nik


    个月 前

    i think that after the pandemic, people will miss the dining experience, plus it's cheaper. I think ghost kitchens will experience a downfall for few months / years if they do not think of a way to keep it relevant.

  28. unguidedone


    个月 前

    wow taking video of a laptop screen i thought you stopped that horrid practice

  29. Som Som

    Som Som

    个月 前

    If you are under lockdown, then surely most sensible, economical and healthy course of action would be to COOK? The purpose of takeaway food and lunch sandwiches are either convenience and/or occasional indulgence. Not a full fledged part of balance diet

  30. server1


    个月 前

    - Do you not have a kitchen bro ? - I'll ghost you.

  31. Lina Pesz

    Lina Pesz

    个月 前

    I am not sure about home delivery...Where I live you pay a restaurant prices for eating your food in the living room using plastic cutlery....Plus, the food is always colder than the one you would have been served in the restaurant

  32. cess Frazier

    cess Frazier

    个月 前

    Never heard of any of these restaurants besides Jonny rockets 🤔 #EastCoastProblems 🤣

  33. BabsW


    个月 前

    Could this not be a huge problem for customers with food allergies when food from all different kinds of restaurants are cooked in the same kitchen?

    • は私です彼の名前


      28 天 前

      That's not how it works. Each place has it's own kitchen...just no dine in seating.

  34. taiwo alonge

    taiwo alonge

    个月 前

    My dads work at doordash he used to work at uber eats .

  35. Gad Abraham

    Gad Abraham

    个月 前

    Covid is restructuring a lot of industries.

  36. Batmann29


    个月 前

    Do a video on why delivery apps charge so much for their fees. It’s kind of ridiculous how a 9.99 meal will end up around the low 20s with fees, tips, surcharges, etc.

  37. Pernection


    个月 前

    And to think I almost go into delivery services a year ahead of 19

  38. DeAndre Wilson

    DeAndre Wilson

    个月 前

    I don't know how the hell companies like DoorDash and UberEats are around. They turn a $10 meal into a $30 and half the damn time you end up missing items or they send your food somewhere else.

    • Me No Other

      Me No Other

      19 天 前

      A 1 time annual account on Postmates gives you unlimited free deliveries

    • Aditya Jadhav

      Aditya Jadhav

      28 天 前

      Damn that sounds pretty bad. Where I live ordering online makes it cheaper

    • Gemini Collector 3000

      Gemini Collector 3000

      个月 前

      That happen to me once I order PF Chang’s and the food went to the house next door and the driver didn’t know where the house was. Also it’s getting so damn expensive for a 10 dollar meal to 20 plus that is ridiculous

  39. Franky Flowers

    Franky Flowers

    个月 前

    who decided they are called ghost kitchens? thats a dumb name

  40. Oathbreaker


    个月 前

    History teaches after the great franchise wars of 2030, only Taco Bell remained...

  41. Julio Medina

    Julio Medina

    个月 前

    Sick dominoes burn! 😎

  42. S L R

    S L R

    个月 前

    What companies can I Invest in that do the Ghost Kitchens???

  43. danny boy

    danny boy

    个月 前

    The ordinary parent nouzilly charge because authorisation disturbingly stop anenst a roomy blowgun. incandescent, redundant stream

  44. DRSmetal


    个月 前

    Automation will take over most of the fast food work.

  45. R Truth

    R Truth

    个月 前

    I know plenty of people who had covid but took nano silver with a nebulizer and completely recovered in 2weeks by the second day they said they could breathe better and by the end of the first week they could smell and taste again. just take it three times a day for two weeks and you will 100% recover don't trust msm. why do you think they came out with the giant smear campaign against it?

  46. wdmc2012


    个月 前

    Post-pandemic business idea. Restaurant via doordash. It only has a sit down area and drinks. All food is ordered from other places via doordash. Perfect for groups that can't agree on food. Keeps the most profitable part of any food service, the drinks, and they will drink more while waiting for the food. That's not so great for soda fountains, but huge money for from alcoholic beverages and bottled drinks.

  47. Carlos Guevara

    Carlos Guevara

    个月 前

    Feel like the portions are less and the prices are extremely higher. In addition, “service fees”

  48. Anton Hermansyah

    Anton Hermansyah

    个月 前

    In Indonesia we called this "Cloud Kitchen" why CNBC prefers spooky term with "Ghost Kitchen"?

    • Kyle Gunn

      Kyle Gunn

      个月 前

      I've only heard it called Cloud Kitchens before as well. But thats the media for you haha

  49. K T

    K T

    个月 前

    Errr cloud kitchen perhaps 🤔 ghost kitchen like witchcraft of sort 😂



    个月 前


  51. Jokerpilled Saint

    Jokerpilled Saint

    个月 前

    Won’t take off until they lower delivery prices and tip requirements.

  52. Ben


    个月 前

    This might be new in the US but it's been a thing in Asia for decades already. I guess another example of how East Asia has largely left the Western World in the dust

  53. Cuauhtemoc Lopez Donjuan

    Cuauhtemoc Lopez Donjuan

    个月 前

    1:05 Somebody could tell me why when CNBC uses a third world country to compare with, use India instead Mexico? Literally we are neighbors we have more in common with you that Indians

  54. Arnaldo Alegría

    Arnaldo Alegría

    个月 前

    Been cooking my meals since I was able to, can't make the idea of not having a kitchen

  55. SequoiaElisabeth


    个月 前

    I used delivery more before the pandemic. I have not used it once since pandemic started and my eating out has dropped drastically to only 4 times in 8 mos. So much easier to make a quick easy meal at home. Of course I know how to cook ;-)

  56. Florida Man

    Florida Man

    个月 前

    I'm all about mcdonalds

  57. Casksj


    个月 前

    I work in a restaurant, it’s not gonna be the future.. people want to dine in when it’s possible..

  58. MegaMissPrincess93


    个月 前

    Not in London!! I couldn’t find a single one

  59. John Doe

    John Doe

    个月 前

    Delivery food doesn't taste good unlike in restaurants.

  60. QueerBiNatureNYC


    个月 前

    I like the term "virtual kitchens" better

  61. La Ho

    La Ho

    个月 前

    When Trump is banned, those people who oppose Trump will eventually disappear like Trump because when their own interests are deprived of their own interests. The banned people, such stupid anti-Trump people, don’t know that they are their helpers. . Tech giants and deep-level governments are dividing the people's voices of justice and gradually controlling the people. The American people should think about your ultimate consequences and generations to come.

    • bpc737


      个月 前

      Bro this video is about food. Who cares?

  62. TehPwnerer


    个月 前

    'ghost' kitchen, they are staffed more like a takeout only restaurant, they have existed forever, ghost kitchen lolz

  63. Mike Villasenor

    Mike Villasenor

    个月 前

    Gets rid of the only good paying jobs for people without a college degree and replaces it with one of the worst paying jobs for people as drivers. I worked as a server and uber driver, server is much harder but can actually be a good paying job depending on location and restaurant because tips are how you make your money, but being a highly "Rated" driver doesn't lead to good tips. Hardly anyone tipped before the pandemic and I can only image it has gotten worse since. This is what #LateStageCaptialism looks like.

  64. Scarlett


    个月 前

    It sucks when you end up paying 20 dollars for a small meal that costs less than 10 dollars

    • 개울가에물망초


      22 天 前

      @George W Bush Center for Intelligence AND no wonder the free market failed... If it were not for the governments, you wouldn't even have roads. Of course I'd expect nothing from the Intelligence center that puts George W Bush on its name.

    • Fox


      24 天 前

      @George W Bush Center for Intelligence Paying employees little money just so you can go to a restaurant cheap?

    • Juan canchola

      Juan canchola

      24 天 前

      Exactly I’d rather drive and get it fresh

    • George W Bush Center for Intelligence

      George W Bush Center for Intelligence

      28 天 前

      It sucks having to pay someone 16 dollars an hour for labor . markets should dictate wages not governments .

    • Arun .M.D 1014

      Arun .M.D 1014

      29 天 前

      Lol that's why I don't buy food from restaurant 😂😂

  65. joshlikescola


    个月 前

    Problem is with services like Deliveroo and Ubereats is you end up paying the same cost as the meal for delivery, or having to over-order. If you can't have friends around and group up, then it becomes even more uneconomical. I prefer places that do delivery directly, like pizza places and takeaways, with more established delivery networks and lower fees per meal. If I can't go and collect from fast food places (which is now the case for McDonald's in the UK again) I'll just leave it. No point spending so much for cold fries.

  66. Chris Won

    Chris Won

    个月 前

    Ghost kitchen is a stupid idea this is misleading. You all forget about Uber Doordarshan fees that will cut into profit. That's what Uber did when they started out. Look at Uber now drivers are slaves. Not worth it.

  67. Abir Hasnat

    Abir Hasnat

    个月 前

    So comments are not turned off here? #fakemedia

  68. Linda Tisue

    Linda Tisue

    个月 前

    Nah, when the pandemic is over, people will pay for the experience of seeing other people. Cooking 21/21 meals at home is out of necessity not choice.

    • MMC Creations

      MMC Creations

      23 天 前

      "experience of seeing other people" tf? Lol "cooking 21/21 meals at home is out of necessity not choice", just say you don't like cooking and go, alot of people prefer cooking at home, because it's cheaper and better.

    • Ultimatum Tech

      Ultimatum Tech

      个月 前

      No no that's not going to happen

    • Jokerpilled Saint

      Jokerpilled Saint

      个月 前

      Nah I hate people

  69. KixMayne91


    个月 前

    Have we forgot how to cook? Its cheaper, fresh, and depending on who your are as a person it's clean.

    • Shaun Gordon

      Shaun Gordon

      个月 前

      Sometimes I just don't want to. Sometimes i like to eat food that someone else made

    • iVii McMxc

      iVii McMxc

      个月 前

      I cook but sometimes just don’t feel like it, especially when I have much to do.

  70. J


    个月 前

    Just a frocking AIR Fryer and call it a day. I go with the ninja foodie

  71. J


    个月 前

    In the long run if pandemic continues then so will inflation, delivery fees, tips etc and the general cost and people will begin to start cooking when they realize how much money is flying out the window in a year

  72. jojo uzimaki

    jojo uzimaki

    个月 前

    The ragged control ultrascructurally desert because kettledrum adversely welcome failing a enthusiastic perfume. flimsy, symptomatic bedroom

  73. Jayson A

    Jayson A

    个月 前

    If ghost kitchens become to popular then what happens. In 10 years there will be no where to eat out. So there will be no brick and mortar places to anymore. This stupid. It's to expensive to use those delivery apps. For a value meal at any fast food restaurant is $20 after all fees and delivery charges. It's stuuuupid

  74. Michael Ouellet

    Michael Ouellet

    个月 前

    Delivery apps are not actually winning. The "Mom and Pops" are still hurting.

  75. xevious2501


    个月 前

    Morgan Stanley projections on future growth is so ridiculous because if covid dies down people will undoubted go out to eat like never before. And delivery will plummet at least for while. Their will be the initial great dip then it will slowly rise again as the high demand for a sit down experience will not be able to accommodate the surge of people. Then delivery will once again slowly rise, first with those looking to avoid the crowds, second with the venues themselves looking not to loose the business of those people not able to be seated hence online deals and discounts will arise in an attempt to keep that financial base alive. lastly that from the newly created online only consumer who would rather order online than go outside all together, for all sorts of reasons. convenience, personal private space, Fear of viral resurgence. Ultimately morgan stanley is not considering none of this in their projections.

  76. xevious2501


    个月 前

    Lol so when i first looked at the title i swear i was reading Ghost Kittens. and im like... food delivery Ghost kittens?? WTH?? Are people buying kittens through food apps!??

  77. Anan G

    Anan G

    个月 前

    chick fill a please come to indonesia.. fast food here is expensive, you can reap much money >.< low labor cost and ingredient cost too

  78. Aly K

    Aly K

    个月 前

    It’s so funny. I’ve cooked more in the last year because I’m home more and not out at work as much. I’ve had to actually learn some cooking. I own spices now!

  79. Ceasar Arian Ando

    Ceasar Arian Ando

    个月 前

    Here in the Philippines, we have Food Panda. The prices vary. On Jollibee, if you order more than 4USD, the delivery is free. Good for large orders. Other restaurants have a 1USD Delivery Fee.

  80. jellybeanABCDE


    个月 前

    Why bothering posting a video that don’t allow comments

  81. jellybeanABCDE


    个月 前

    Trash news channel

  82. Francisco Millan

    Francisco Millan

    个月 前

    This also gets rid of jobs. Convince will be the end of the american working class.

    • J


      个月 前

      Watch when it’s all done in driverless cars, it’s not a dream anymore

  83. jaesi


    个月 前

    FREE DELIVERY FEE so i was like sure let me give this guy 5$ TIP, Then later i found ive been charged service fee and some other fee total of 8$.

    • Lina Pesz

      Lina Pesz

      个月 前

      So the total was 13$?

  84. AflacTheDuck


    个月 前

    Get up and go get your food lol

  85. Clinton Wills

    Clinton Wills

    个月 前

    The only time politicians are telling the truth is when the call each other a liar”

    • Susan Karen

      Susan Karen

      个月 前

      I almost slept at the streets when my rent was due 😭 but thanks to a friend who introduced me to Mrs Kathleen Anne Grace, a financial adviser

    • Wilson Joe

      Wilson Joe

      个月 前

      Nothing other than the gift of life. So much loss last year. But I have considered venturing into some that can help me gain a financial independence, cause last year have taught us a lot of lesson we have to learn from, this is 2021, it’s time we sit down and think about our financial life.

    • Helen Caroline

      Helen Caroline

      个月 前

      It’s that time of the year again. A new year with bright ideals, hope, and a new opportunity in life. But the question, what will you achieve so far this year.

  86. Bob lester

    Bob lester

    个月 前

    One more step to destroy socializing people. It’s all part of the plan to isolate people from each other and make more people work for less employers. L

  87. Ricardo Villanueva

    Ricardo Villanueva

    个月 前

    So this was posted a day ago & their are many statements about by the end of 2020 on some of these places scaling , its 2021 why aren’t the stats here or why mention them ??

  88. Bket007


    个月 前


  89. Notafratdude


    个月 前

    Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this

  90. Fred Garvin

    Fred Garvin

    个月 前

    Covid has had the opposite effect on our dining. We haven't ordered out nor dined in at a restaurant since March 15th 2020. We buy ingredients and make our own meals. We were blowing $100 a week on take out and dining in, it's nice to have that money back. We are eating far healthier as well. I lost 25 lbs since last March.

  91. Chansai Commerce17

    Chansai Commerce17

    个月 前

    GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Chansai Commerce17

    Chansai Commerce17

    个月 前

    COOL SUPPLY CHAIN ++++++++++++++++++++++

  93. Dan Teixeira

    Dan Teixeira

    个月 前

    Someone teach CNBC how to spell "restaurant."

  94. sutats


    个月 前

    Initiate ghost protocol

  95. SanToast


    个月 前

    This is literally matpats video

  96. Maximiliaan


    个月 前

    is there an easy way to invest in one of these ghost kitchens?

  97. Hochstapler 3000 Tiefstapler

    Hochstapler 3000 Tiefstapler

    个月 前

    Please watch MALTE DER WANDERER on CNwill! he ist the best! Please! Thanks at all :D

  98. Kaizer2001


    个月 前

    Bachelors, make sure that your inheritance from your parent includes family exclusive recipes too.

  99. Yvonne killa

    Yvonne killa

    个月 前

    This will lead to automated kitchens, robots cooking your food to save even further on labor cost

  100. Braska Bani

    Braska Bani

    个月 前

    Humans are weird. Cooking is fun and money saver.

    • Huckleberry Finn

      Huckleberry Finn

      个月 前

      People are different. Not everyone likes cooking.