Digital World Premiere for the youngest member of the 911 GT family

The GT family evolves. Welcoming a new addition that makes every second spent in the cockpit count, because we know that #TimeIsPrecious. Be on time for its digital world premiere.
911 GT3: Fuel consumption combined: 13,3-12,4 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 304-283 g/km | Status: 02/2021
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    7 天 前

    WHOAWW in MT OMG I want one

  2. Carlos Elizondo

    Carlos Elizondo

    9 天 前

    After not having power for 4 days I'm finally able to see this!

  3. dimych 555

    dimych 555

    9 天 前

    вообще красавица🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 не Широн и не копирование естественно,но технологический прогресс наступит в 2919🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  4. dimych 555

    dimych 555

    9 天 前

    Мадам или Мадемуазель или просто Сара Здравствуйте,на вас такая приятная моему глазу рубашечка,что я как у себя дома🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  5. Alexander Dubov

    Alexander Dubov

    10 天 前

    The needless forecast unknowingly pack because ring logically tease amid a deafening study. unequaled, private scorpion

  6. LJ 45

    LJ 45

    10 天 前

    Could you please explain why the car so much more expensive in Europe compared to the uk? 🇬🇧 £123,00 uk and €192,134. The exchange rate does not make the prices comparable. Thought please.(price for spain)

  7. dz302g50911turbo


    10 天 前

    Who gets to review it first? Chris? Henry?

  8. G. Zeigler

    G. Zeigler

    10 天 前


  9. suffeks


    10 天 前

    it will sound better in the USA no opf nonsense ;)

  10. TMM


    10 天 前

    Porsche, why do you make such cars that my poor ass cannot afford!

  11. Ace Dee

    Ace Dee

    10 天 前

    I'll take one in Gaurds Red with a manual gearbox! Then I'll personally remove the particle filters and stock catlysts with a more exhilarating exhaust setup, remap the ECU and retune! prob push it to 550-600hp :D

  12. Dominik MJ

    Dominik MJ

    11 天 前

    When does Porsche stops to "get those eye candies" on stage and instead get people which are GENUINELY excited (Chris Harris comes to my mind or Henry Catchpole... or basically any motor journalist out there). Or get Sabine Schmitz... For the moment Porsche is doing so much right, that it really hurts that this type of media circus is so bad. The videos when the Rennsport guys are talking 1 to 1 to journalists and showing their hard work, dedication and love to the brand are all amazing. It really hurts that I am looking forward to the premier of such an amazing car, and it is totally destroyed by "cringe". Stop it Porsche - please.

  13. Michael Kirchner

    Michael Kirchner

    11 天 前

    The wing is so bad ass.

  14. XRB Performance

    XRB Performance

    11 天 前

    Shark Blue? what happened to Mexican Blue?

  15. Se Bastian

    Se Bastian

    11 天 前

    just 720p? really Porsche?

  16. 512BB


    11 天 前

    Such a German car and German presentation............... I love you Germany :-)

  17. Jack White

    Jack White

    11 天 前

    Why did Porsche invite the Good Morning Germany hosts?

  18. aviator2492


    11 天 前


  19. Zohar Modifier

    Zohar Modifier

    11 天 前

    Is the host a Guy or Female ?

  20. Adam Ahmad Farid

    Adam Ahmad Farid

    11 天 前

    27:57 "the day I was told we had to see what time we can get from nordshiliefe, up until then, there was no production car that could get under 8 minutes" Are you sure about that? 1995 - the Nissan Skyline GTR did it in 7'59"887

    • James P

      James P

      11 天 前

      The lightest GTR model 👁👁

  21. Steve Matousek

    Steve Matousek

    11 天 前

    maybe i’m just zonked out of my mind but her intro speech was one of the most surreal things i’ve ever experienced

  22. Atypical Driver

    Atypical Driver

    11 天 前

    Drove a regular 992S at Laguna Seca, I can't imagine how much more insane the GT3 is.

  23. bliglum


    11 天 前

    All the 'Ring rats are lining up I'm sure, gotta have it!

  24. Splash


    11 天 前

    the car 11:19

  25. Salt Lake

    Salt Lake

    11 天 前

    Thank you Porsche for having the new GT3. Driving Porsche for three decades and even on the race track I really looking forward to get the new one in 2021. Unfortunately the lady chosen to moderate this intro was by far the worst decision. Pls do yourself a favor and switch to a professional presenter next time. Thank you and safe 911 travels.

  26. SBF HAWK


    11 天 前

    So question is 911 Turbo S or the 911 GT3 ? This one seems tp be precariously aiming to be the best of the best Midnight dreams.

  27. nycshelbygt500


    12 天 前

    The Porsche 911 GT3 is the Holy Grail. But this 911 GT3 design has a few cosmetic flaws. Those horrendous hood scoops look like they came off the fugly new BMW G8X M3/M4 hood. They can't be for extracting heat from the engine? GT3 in Black hides some of these eye sores. The extra trunk spoiler below the massive wing ruins the lines of the beautiful new wheel to wheel tail light. :Look really close at the rear glass...seems to be plastic scoop going into the flat 6 engine compartment. Looks cheesy. We need a Porsche Macan GT5 with the naturally aspirated 4.0L flat six. A Porsche SUV GT Beast. Tired of turbos especial the AUDI 2.9L V6 in the latest Macans. Yikes!!. What's under the hood? The Luggage and Golf Club!! HaHa.... Well done Sarah Elsser. God Bless the cameraman. It is like her heels were glued to the floor.

  28. Ate De Jong

    Ate De Jong

    12 天 前

    beautiful car, and the passion the people of Porsche put into it. they indeed stepped it up again...

  29. nycshelbygt500


    12 天 前

    #7 - NY Yankee Legend Mickey Mantle. HaHa

  30. millicent squirrel hole

    millicent squirrel hole

    12 天 前

    One takes the GT3 to the track...one has look down at the dial...why no Heads Up Display option?

  31. John A.

    John A.

    12 天 前

    I grew up loving sports cars and all things Porsche, especially the GT line. But these cars, even in base form, became so unaffordable that I ended up eventually driving a model 3 performance and TBH I totally forgot about Porsche and GT products. So when this showed up in my feed I watched it and (hate to say it) I just felt indifference. Especially when you look at the performance of the upcoming Plaid (incidentally around the same price as a lightly optioned 991.2 S) I just can't really see it anymore. The Taycan looks fine I guess but Tesla kind of stole the march. And god knows what'll happen when the Roadster comes out because although GT products are neat, the roadster is going to have SpaceX technology integrated into it.

  32. superchargedman


    12 天 前

    There’s luggage under the hood, Sarah. We won’t be having you back for the rs launch 🤦‍♂️

    • TheExplorer


      11 天 前

      Guys!! Get over that joke which was obviously scripted.... if a man makes a play on words, it’s funny. If a woman does it, she’s dumb... get over your cliches!! It’s 2021!

  33. Peyton Brimmer

    Peyton Brimmer

    12 天 前

    Soopah makat

  34. Trumpolin


    12 天 前

    470 Nanometers of Torque ... 22:55

  35. Tony Aguirre

    Tony Aguirre

    12 天 前

    What is she wearing?

  36. Jahdame Morris

    Jahdame Morris

    12 天 前

    If I get a porsche that's all I need

  37. Jahdame Morris

    Jahdame Morris

    12 天 前

    Let's go Porsche

  38. Steven Farm

    Steven Farm

    12 天 前

    Color is great, reminds me of Ruf RT12

  39. Nu Duo

    Nu Duo

    12 天 前

    I never thought “thin glass” would ever be a selling point for a luxurious car.

    • Todestuete


      10 天 前

      It's not a luxurious car, it's a super car.

  40. Bebek White

    Bebek White

    12 天 前

    Looks the same. Nothing special from the outside.

  41. Daniel K

    Daniel K

    12 天 前

    417 Nanometers of torque @25:00 🙈 What. A. CAR!

    • Daniel K

      Daniel K

      6 天 前

      @Nick Adkins as Long as the Unit Matches 😎

    • Nick Adkins

      Nick Adkins

      6 天 前


  42. Michael


    12 天 前

    This title is worded very poorly. Makes it sound like there’s a NEW GT car, not just the new GT3.

  43. ivvlo 007

    ivvlo 007

    12 天 前

    for those who are looking for the beginning of the premiere - 5:02

  44. Fabrizio Rosati Racing

    Fabrizio Rosati Racing

    12 天 前

    The youngest of gt family is gt2 (From 993) ... the first gt3 was From 996. Before it was “carrera Rs” not “gt3”

    • Antonio Manoel

      Antonio Manoel

      12 天 前


  45. G Westerneng

    G Westerneng

    12 天 前

    Lets be honest here. This is no car for other countries other than Germany without speed limit. Here in The Netherlands roads are short, and there is simply to much traffic in order to enjoy a car such as this one.

  46. freeyourmind


    12 天 前

    porsche, study the effects of exhaust acoustic vibration..if sound travels through the air..then it vibrates the air? so its making turbulent air? then also exhaust fume flow turbulence. if the exhaust pushes out air..then it pushes it out violently? due to the harshness of the combustion chamber and the air being pushed out? these effects could have great implications in a second vehicle tailing a vehicle infront.

  47. Pwnage


    12 天 前

    porsche, like the GTR. evolves the same car every year to perfection

  48. Fluterra


    12 天 前

    More marketing than engineering. I can afford one and I’m saying No thanks!

    • MTK


      12 天 前

      Then you must’ve “made” your money winning the lotto. You certainly didn’t get rich by being smart with a dumb comment like that!

  49. CB


    12 天 前

    The pants say Batman but the shirt says Austin Powers.

  50. Enoch Wayne

    Enoch Wayne

    12 天 前

    22:55 470 nanometers of torque? not newton meters?

  51. Asphalt 9 freak

    Asphalt 9 freak

    12 天 前

    yup basically this whole live chat was a spam maybe thats why they removed it

  52. Frank Kwok

    Frank Kwok

    12 天 前

    I like the 992 body style, will order the touring model when release. Time to get busy.. 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  53. Leon Reynoso

    Leon Reynoso

    12 天 前

    I see what Porsche did there... She said #7 at minute 7. Coincidence!!?? @6:58

  54. Phương Hoàng

    Phương Hoàng

    12 天 前

    I love porsche

  55. Alireza Nadali

    Alireza Nadali

    12 天 前

    22:57 Nanometers? since when you use Meters to measure torque?!

    • Nick Adkins

      Nick Adkins

      6 天 前

      About 346 ft/lb torque

  56. rkkty 69

    rkkty 69

    12 天 前

    Porche always hold their value, maybe expensive but you will get your money back and then some

  57. RPtastic


    12 天 前

    22:57 Nano meters of Torque? who the fuck did you guys hire to dub?

  58. jealva


    13 天 前

    The best part was the answers to the “electrification” and “naturally aspirated” questions. I own several GT Porsches, and I love the naturally aspirated engines. They are the absolute best sounding engines so as long as Porsche keeps making them, I will keep adding to my garage (I can’t seem to ever sell my 911s). Thank you Porsche from a lifelong Porsche enthusiast. You make the world’s best cars for the road and track.

  59. RNM AutomotiveAddiction

    RNM AutomotiveAddiction

    13 天 前

    EPIC Car! I need this GT3.

  60. 100 Percent Porsche

    100 Percent Porsche

    13 天 前

    Absolutely awesome! The sound the look it's 100 PERCENT PORSCHE!

  61. Xlm More

    Xlm More

    13 天 前

    ........And My Most Awaited One: The Porsche Vision Renndienst. Porsche, What Are You Waiting For? Let's Produce The Vision Renndienst Soon! There Is A Good Video Of It By: About Cars. And The Porsche Vision 920 [In Red/White/Black Color Combination] Is 100% Supercar Design Perfection. By: About Cars

  62. GT perfection

    GT perfection

    13 天 前

    Does anyone else like the 991.2 GT3 front end better I do.

  63. Lambo Evo

    Lambo Evo

    13 天 前

    Nice I love it

  64. T M

    T M

    13 天 前

    Absolutely beautiful cars. Porsche are one of the best manufacturers in the world 🚘👌.

  65. Gabriel A.S.

    Gabriel A.S.

    13 天 前

    I hate to be this guy, but at 22:57 the translator says “470 NanoMeters of torque” when the unit for torque is Newton-Meter! 😂

  66. Joe Esguerra

    Joe Esguerra

    13 天 前

    This will be added to RR3 in no time 😆

  67. Troychestwig 46

    Troychestwig 46

    13 天 前

    Can’t wait for the RS... best car and best sounding car ever!

  68. Sven


    13 天 前

    Good moderation from Sarah!

  69. MM


    13 天 前

    From day to day I love this brand more and more. Great work.

  70. Bull Gator

    Bull Gator

    13 天 前

    Those pants!,,,,,ah yes and the car is amazing.

  71. Pedro Santos

    Pedro Santos

    13 天 前

    Porsche is on another level

  72. Gmund Stables

    Gmund Stables

    13 天 前

    OMG, Fantastic Porsche! Thank You. I'm on the list for one, and I think I'll order Shark Blu. Looks amazing! Cheers

  73. Lindley Ferchel

    Lindley Ferchel

    13 天 前

    Wow! Porsche does it again. Her shoes match the paint job.

  74. TheMarine015


    13 天 前

    I’m not a fan of the wing being low like that. I understand there is science behind it but when it comes to looks I don’t think it’s very appealing compared to previous generation. I can’t afford any Porsche so it doesn’t really matter hahaha

  75. tutelarius


    13 天 前

    It's great to see real personalities here and not just some corporate homogenous fluff. Great presentation and an amazing team behind this car.

  76. Samieb155


    13 天 前

    Everything Looks Awesome.

  77. mpgxsvcd


    13 天 前

    Needs two turbos. The days of naturally aspirated engines are waning. There is only so much torque you can get out of a normally aspirated engine. Their GT cars are already at those limits. They can’t keep subtracting weight forever.

  78. Daniel Cardozo

    Daniel Cardozo

    13 天 前

    I’ll have one - mark my words one day I’ll have a GT3.

    • Pechi


      11 天 前

      @anelai sidi you clown

    • Project - N

      Project - N

      12 天 前

      You will my friend, you will!

    • Dorian Francois

      Dorian Francois

      12 天 前

      @Daniel Cardozo best comeback 😎

    • Daniel Cardozo

      Daniel Cardozo

      12 天 前

      @anelai sidi Sorry? I have a 997.1 Carrera S... what’s your deal? Bored on the internet?

    • anelai sidi

      anelai sidi

      12 天 前

      keep dreaming peasant

  79. Inazuma MR

    Inazuma MR

    13 天 前

    Habe mir vor einigen Monaten einen 996 GT3 Clubsport gekauft. Ein so intensives Fahrerlebnis hatte ich noch nie zuvor. Ich hoffe, das Gerät viele Jahre fahren zu können.

  80. Mech


    13 天 前

    The car has more curves than the lady. Hot piece of engineering! Love it!

  81. TonkY


    13 天 前

    22:56 470 nanometers of torque hahaha

    • Jose Urriza

      Jose Urriza

      13 天 前

      came to the comments to see if I was hearing that right

  82. Xlm More

    Xlm More

    13 天 前

    I Like The 2021 GT3 Cup Silver Way Better Than This One. And I Prefer The Black Color With The Porsche Sun Visor Sticker Than This Blue One. Anyways, I Am Always A Loyal 911 Fan :).

  83. Rao Suhail: NEET and CBSE

    Rao Suhail: NEET and CBSE

    13 天 前

    My dream of porsche car......

  84. ATR assetto corsa - Atrupelador

    ATR assetto corsa - Atrupelador

    13 天 前

    Can't wait to play with it on Assetto Corsa!

  85. Keking


    13 天 前

    Ugly front-intake

  86. MrDimkur


    13 天 前

    14:52 "30 seconds only, but I enjoyed every second of it." LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • weiterrocken


      13 天 前


  87. Leonardo Rode

    Leonardo Rode

    13 天 前

    C O C K. I'm curious if those spammers had a purpose or just wanted to be funny?

  88. RacingFan


    13 天 前

    Finally Porsche show the real first GT3 :) , in the most Videos about the GT3 history they just show the 996 GT3 FL...

  89. PaFur Garage

    PaFur Garage

    13 天 前

    I'll take a dozen!

  90. Pin Pino

    Pin Pino

    13 天 前

    In italy we have a very hight tax called bollo auto and even the gasoline cost is very hight

  91. Gerd Walter

    Gerd Walter

    13 天 前

    Dann werden wir mal anfangen mit Lotto spielen....

  92. EP— Uncut

    EP— Uncut

    13 天 前

    I wish the models are not growing larger and larger

  93. Andreas Schwarz

    Andreas Schwarz

    13 天 前

    Great performance on the ring, not so sure about smurf blue, embarrassing moderation...

  94. blues3531


    13 天 前

    Something about it sounds extremely muted compared to 991 and 997. Is that the new OPF filter regulations in the EU?

    • mad young gamer

      mad young gamer

      13 天 前

      @blues3531 I have 2 e93 m3 and had an f80 m3 and they all need an exhaust mod or new exhaust and it transforms the cars. Saw a video of a new gt4 in South Africa and it doesn't have the ppf and boy it sounds much better than the European ones

    • blues3531


      13 天 前

      @mad young gamer oh for sure. first thing definitely.

    • mad young gamer

      mad young gamer

      13 天 前

      Whoever buys one of these then just remove the ppf or get an aftermarket exhaust

  95. Hxx


    13 天 前


  96. Joe Shirley

    Joe Shirley

    13 天 前

    The perfect car, I wish I could own one.

  97. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    13 天 前

    Absolutely insane. What an amazing car. No other production car with the same hp will run that time

    • Mike Mike

      Mike Mike

      10 天 前

      Can’t wait. I have a 2014 gt3 and have a allocation on the 992 gt3. The RS is gonna be a monster.

    • Dominik MJ

      Dominik MJ

      11 天 前

      Let's wait for the "real" record breakers. The crazy stuff is, that the GT3 is in the current Porsche portfolio kind of a track toy... really fast - but not really serious - as it still has a lot of comfort compromises. The GT2RS and GT3RS are the real weapons. More housepower - and far higher hp/kg and usually quite a lot of insane tech (and even crazier wings). BEHOLD!

  98. Paul-Etienne Schaeffer

    Paul-Etienne Schaeffer

    13 天 前

    Andreas Preuninger arriving on stage like a boss :)

  99. goo gle

    goo gle

    13 天 前

    not too sure about that front though......the 991.2 gt3 looks better imo.

  100. GENiUS 1

    GENiUS 1

    13 天 前