Jeremy Lin Highlights - G League Warriors vs Raptors 2/15/2021

Jeremy Lin Scores 17 points to go with 8 assists but comes up short against Raptors. Lin would have scored much more had he been able to hit a few extra 3 pointers, only shooting 1 of 6 from downtown. But did have a solid T/O assist ratio with only 2 turnovers and added 2 rebounds.


  1. Jabari Mpagazi

    Jabari Mpagazi

    10 小时 前

    J Lin seems like a great human being and is obviously very passionate about basketball. But I do not at all feel sorry for him because there are a lot of great players who never made it. At the end of the day he has a Harvard education, played in the NBA for nearly 10 years, made millions of dollars It is known all over the world especially in China. He definitely had his operation he didn’t make it then he probably was not good enough.

  2. John Huong

    John Huong

    16 小时 前

    Dude is a nba champ put some respect on his name bro knows how to ball not everybody in the nba gets a nick name and he playin against his old team but the g league version which is ironic

  3. Matteo Masotti

    Matteo Masotti

    20 小时 前

    jeremy lin is smurfing\

  4. Tank Man

    Tank Man

    天 前

    Lin is trash

  5. Dase Productions

    Dase Productions

    天 前

    j lin is the curry of the g league

  6. Sanohcs Hanekawa

    Sanohcs Hanekawa

    天 前


  7. Wilson Ho

    Wilson Ho

    2 天 前

    he doesnt belong in the g league...other than his skills, he has his own signature shoe and an nba ring 😂

  8. Cakes


    2 天 前

    Should have took that extension

  9. Dlite


    2 天 前

    500k views!? As a g league player! Sign him up on a regular rotation! Decent player and good business!

  10. Star Boy

    Star Boy

    3 天 前


  11. Jon Day

    Jon Day

    3 天 前

    NBA is a very racist league so Lin and Kaepernick should get together and let the world know.

  12. Jackie L

    Jackie L

    3 天 前

    When it comes to Asians in the league no one gunna talk about wanting more diversity. Yao and Lin had to do everything and more to earn their spot.

  13. 493


    3 天 前

    Why is he here!?!?!?? He deserves the nba

  14. Minh Ngo

    Minh Ngo

    3 天 前

    The NBA disgusts me with their politics

  15. Number Eight

    Number Eight

    3 天 前

    NBA doesn’t like Asians

  16. 8dodger7


    3 天 前

    why aren't they wearing their masks?

  17. RED lesser 47

    RED lesser 47

    3 天 前

    I can’t under stand why Lin is playing in the G league

  18. ryan lasquite

    ryan lasquite

    4 天 前

    JLin has more rings than westbrook, harden, carmelo, butler, drose, cp3, aldridge, derozan combined.

  19. Fish Sauce

    Fish Sauce

    4 天 前

    I swear, the NBA is racist

  20. macho tony

    macho tony

    4 天 前

    For everyone whining, Lin suffered a career threatening injury. That's why he's in the G League. A past 30 perimeter player coming off a serious injury is a lot to come back from.

  21. Fist Full Of Java

    Fist Full Of Java

    4 天 前

    The upside to the G league is he's getting to play rather than bench warming. Keeping his skills sharp. Dennis Smith Jr just requested to go to the D league. He was a starter in Dallas, now he's at the end of the bench. Very end of the bench. These guys will pop up in the league when you least expect it. Somebodies going to get injured.

  22. bebeken vlog

    bebeken vlog

    4 天 前

    China vs. U.S.A. be like..

  23. SGANET


    4 天 前

    Yeah Clippers should sign him ASAP, they need a point guard and Lin played well under Atkinson who’s current an assistant coach there.

  24. z z

    z z

    4 天 前

    NBA is freemasonry. You gotta be a member.

  25. Ashy Larry

    Ashy Larry

    4 天 前

    I think the warriors are keeping Lin in the G until after the all star break. Could easily be currys backup.

  26. Vincent SHOW

    Vincent SHOW

    4 天 前

    0:52 AAAAAA~

  27. the rock

    the rock

    5 天 前

    Poor Lin, he was a superstar, but now starting again.

  28. Jay Films

    Jay Films

    5 天 前

    I rather have Jeremy Lin on the roster than Wanamaker

  29. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong

    5 天 前

    Went from Linsanity in MSG to G league

  30. Aundre Warren

    Aundre Warren

    5 天 前

    J-Lin is just playing ball for the love of the sport and will always be a Palo Alto hero. Doesn't really need money or a shoe deal to pay his bills. He did it the right way finished school to always have his degree to fall back on (Harvard) unlike some of these athletes one year in school just to play ball then straight to the NBA. I wish more youngsters looked up to him to see a real champ persevere through real struggles!!!

  31. Jay Ugly

    Jay Ugly

    5 天 前

    The lakers should get him

  32. Shing Wai Li

    Shing Wai Li

    5 天 前

    No reaction when American react racism against Asian but once they hear anti-American ... gonna pop up with foolish angers... I see Donald Trump .. I see the wild wild west

  33. chill will

    chill will

    5 天 前

    Preparing to bring him back playoff time

  34. Donnie Tran

    Donnie Tran

    5 天 前

    Sad sad he should be in. NBA with his skill and talent . what a joke ? Racism or they think Asian cant jump. He also prove himself . LINSANITY

  35. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy Chen

    5 天 前

    I think he’s happier here. More playing time, less pressure, and less stress.

  36. El Magno

    El Magno

    5 天 前

    Overrated player..,

  37. Belgutei


    5 天 前

    Lee nba comeback??????

  38. Neoconservative Network

    Neoconservative Network

    5 天 前

    The fact that he could only score 17 as point guard in the G league means he is not NBA material

  39. Notafanboy


    5 天 前

    Lin to the warriors :)

  40. A 1

    A 1

    5 天 前

    Lin in the G league meanwhile magic got these bum guards steady coming off the bench 🤷

  41. SonzaiX


    5 天 前

    Even a Drafted players played in GLeague....like Malachi Flynn... XD

  42. Nard


    5 天 前

    YO WHAT THIS GUY DROPPED 30 on Kobe's head and he in the G LEAGUE!!!! hello.....

  43. John B

    John B

    5 天 前

    If he was white there would be black people rioting because he has fans.

  44. Andre


    5 天 前

    you would think that for a country like the US, who is portrayed as a first world, would have had their sh*t together by 2020. Can’t believe that racism is still an issue for them. what they did to Lin really showed how low the nba community can be.

  45. HeyHowsMyDriving


    5 天 前

    2:09 "Your dad is 2006 champion, I am 2019 champion. Good luck to you"

  46. HeyHowsMyDriving


    5 天 前

    His Ring is a treasure

  47. Marco


    5 天 前

    It's sad that asians is much discriminated these days but never complain

  48. Michael Whitney

    Michael Whitney

    5 天 前

    Just sign up Lin already. He’s a beast

  49. Harry


    5 天 前

    Lins an NBA superstar in my book. I think we all know why he's not in there right now anyways

  50. Devonte powell

    Devonte powell

    5 天 前

    lin would've been an Allstar if it wasn't for melos ego and the year with the nets if he didn't hurt his leg hes a legend in my eyes hes inspired so many people

  51. Henry Moon

    Henry Moon

    5 天 前

    I'm chinese american and as much as I want Lin to be back in the NBA so he can represent, his numbers weren't so good in the last season he played. If he can keep up his 3s attempted and percentage up in the G league, there should probably be a good chance he may catch some teams' eye for a backup pg.

  52. windrimondo


    5 天 前

    Not starting lineup caliber, but definitely good enough for NBA bench. This man got trolled by the league, wasting away his prime years.

  53. Eloeloeloeloloeloo Hyeana

    Eloeloeloeloloeloo Hyeana

    5 天 前

    Can he run? Why looks like slow motion

  54. Seed of Life

    Seed of Life

    5 天 前

    So sad to see Lin in G league tho ☹️

  55. jackk


    5 天 前

    Once laker wins Lebron always show up at the end of the game But when lose he just disappeared What the spirit

  56. Jake McMahon

    Jake McMahon

    5 天 前

    Poole was ballin too

  57. Archie Pennoh

    Archie Pennoh

    5 天 前

    He deserves to be in the NBA. This is wrong



    6 天 前

    That's just a joke man!! How could they do this to him??

  59. Lordwick


    6 天 前

    Warriors sign Lin. We need him

  60. Benny Z

    Benny Z

    6 天 前

    If he'd just join a gang or got political he'd be back

  61. Above The Clouds

    Above The Clouds

    6 天 前

    The Linsanity saga continues. We are not worthy! 😭.

  62. Tonald Drump

    Tonald Drump

    6 天 前

    Jlin is a good back up point guard for curry he can shoot and make some decent points

  63. Teddy Cung

    Teddy Cung

    6 天 前

    bring him back to the NbA!!

  64. Wenslee Castro

    Wenslee Castro

    6 天 前

    Warriors should get him for bench, to backup steph in the secon unit hes a threat

  65. Smokey


    6 天 前

    The nba is dumb. They need to re market Jeremy Lin good for China fans

  66. cxyooj


    6 天 前

    Lin in G-League is disrespectful... how many times does he have to prove he's a NBA caliber player?

  67. Kent Stark

    Kent Stark

    6 天 前

    i just Hope he gets his Break.. bruh! 'yall crying Black lives matter... and we see Jeremy Lin bein treated like this.. he deserves better maan... Hope someone signs him... 😔

  68. Danny Kurniawan

    Danny Kurniawan

    6 天 前

    Maybe just maybe its to get lin into nba ready fitness maybee the warriors do that to nurture mannion to learn from lin Cz i see similiarities in their game

  69. ronalenjoy rodriguez

    ronalenjoy rodriguez

    6 天 前

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  70. Charlie


    6 天 前

    Did he get blackballed?

  71. FrostyMcFlurry YT

    FrostyMcFlurry YT

    6 天 前

    bruh he do be smurfing in the G-League LINSANITY

  72. Philgob


    6 天 前

    lol lin in the g league is pure racism he's way better than half the starting pg's in the league

  73. caaat


    6 天 前

    wait tf why is he in the g league???

  74. Vincent Madrid

    Vincent Madrid

    6 天 前

    He should identify himself as female opressed color of person to get back to nba

  75. ninerfan415


    6 天 前

    Warriors please bring Jeremy Lin in and drop Wanamaker.

  76. oc3an Oc3an

    oc3an Oc3an

    6 天 前

    Finaly a league thats on point on jeremy skill

  77. Trw Wn

    Trw Wn

    6 天 前

    Lin looks younger. I thought i was looking at D league highlights.

  78. Frozen Sanctum Kennel

    Frozen Sanctum Kennel

    6 天 前

    Jordan Poole scored 32 points in that game. Poole is averaging 24.8 points on 42.% shooting from the field. He's also just 21 yrs. old while Lin is 32. GSW doesn't really need another guard but if they do Jordan Poole is a better choice.

  79. **


    6 天 前

    My prediction is that West brick will end up playing with him in the G league...

  80. Sgt. Sargent

    Sgt. Sargent

    6 天 前

    This man was averaging 18 a game 3 years ago in the NBA. He should not be in the G League

  81. ThriftGarageSale Addicts

    ThriftGarageSale Addicts

    6 天 前

    He doesn’t deserved to be in the GLeague. He has proven himself in the NBA. He is a victim of Double Standard!!!

  82. Arm Ng Arm

    Arm Ng Arm

    6 天 前

    How much money lin get to play in g league? I am pretty sure lin at least deserve a minimum salary contract in NBA. And many people said he is very slow right now not as fast as befo after big injury. So do you think he just save the enemy or it is his plan to stay healthy?

  83. Everything_in_between


    6 天 前

    WTF, Lin does not belong here. He's so much better than some 40% of the role players in the NBA. He's a freakin Legend in NY and LA

  84. Tây Sơn Thần Tốc

    Tây Sơn Thần Tốc

    6 天 前

    Lin should never had gone to China. This is his "punishment"

    • windrimondo


      5 天 前

      Grow up.

  85. Aaron Carver

    Aaron Carver

    6 天 前

    I don't know why we didn't bring lin back to Toronto. He's good and although he didn't play that much last time he was in the league he was on our championship squad...now I'm watching him play the 905. It's weird

  86. NallePu83


    6 天 前

    new york knicks should get Jeremy Lin and give him jersey number 7

  87. gprime70


    6 天 前

    Man I've been what happened to Lin since he left the Raptors... crazy how he's in the G league. tbh I've always heard about Raps 905 but never looked into it, im pretty damn new to G leaegue

  88. R one

    R one

    6 天 前

    Why is he not in the nba anymore???

  89. Carlos C

    Carlos C

    6 天 前

    Why Jeremy Lin is in G League? Because he is asian...

  90. Wamii Yamii

    Wamii Yamii

    6 天 前

    Yo can we talk about Lin being probably the only player with a Champ Ring willing to go back to G league just to get back in. Talk about the love of basketball. Common!!!

    • FirstMongoose


      3 天 前

      Not surprising at all. A man with no ego, all humility, and just love for the game. When it comes to the Championship ring, he said he didn’t really feel like he earned it. Not someone to just ride on another’s coattails. No doubt NBA did him dirty. What’s sad is everywhere he’s gone, most are quick to pretend they don’t see the disparities Lin has faced.😢

  91. peter lee

    peter lee

    6 天 前

    LET'S GO!!!!

  92. Eduardo R Apoderado jr

    Eduardo R Apoderado jr

    6 天 前

    NBA is so racist.... why you keeping the Asian man down

  93. Vinson Cheung

    Vinson Cheung

    6 天 前

    Lin looks much younger with this hairstyle

  94. Rich Poor

    Rich Poor

    7 天 前

    Glad he’s back home in the Bay.

  95. Itsme Forsure

    Itsme Forsure

    7 天 前

    His game looks solid but his elevation doesn't look good. If you want to score driving the ball in the bigs, you need to elevate.

  96. Matthew Dave

    Matthew Dave

    7 天 前

    crazy to think that this man almost made the All Star team once upon a time

  97. Ariani Adelino

    Ariani Adelino

    7 天 前

    What is Lin doing in the G league wtf 🤬 this guy is for the NBA

  98. vincentnnyc


    7 天 前

    Wasn’t Lin playing in China and signed up with a Chinese team? Was the contract over or the Chinese team didn’t want sign him up again? What is he doing back in America? Can anyone fill me in?

  99. owner 6745

    owner 6745

    7 天 前

    League dont like asian they should be sued for racism

  100. Landscape Luke

    Landscape Luke

    7 天 前

    JLin is playing like a high elo player smurfing in a bronze lobby

    • Vasan Suwansap

      Vasan Suwansap

      8 小时 前


    • O O

      O O

      14 小时 前

      More like the guy who once hit plat and brags about it in bronze now.

    • Gaussianform


      20 小时 前

      That was when he was playing the cba lmao, this is like iron league

    • 493


      3 天 前


    • RiseNShine


      3 天 前

      I mean that is pretty much exactly what's going on lol