M1 iPad Pro Buyer's Guide - DON'T Make these 7 Mistakes!

Looking to order Apple's NEW M1 iPad Pro but have no idea which model or upgrades to buy? This video will guide you through mistakes to avoid and upgrades worth paying for! Let me explain..
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Choosing the right model and upgrade options for the new M1 iPad Pro can be very difficult, especially if you're not really sure which ones are worth it.
In this video, I break down 7 common purchasing mistakes that you need to be aware of, and then I break down exactly which model you should be buying for each different use case!
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 iPad Pro Buyer's Guide - 00:00
Mistake #1 - 00:39
Mistake #2 - 01:40
Mistake #3 - 02:26
Mistake #4 - 03:49
Mistake #5 - 04:25
Mistake #6 - 05:40
Mistake #7 - 06:32
Best model for Casual Use - 07:03
Best model for Artists/Note-takers - 7:34
Best model as a Laptop Replacement - 7:49
Best model for Professional Work - 8:28
Best model for HDR / Color Grading - 8:52
Use Links in Description to order! - 9:23

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  1. Max Tech

    Max Tech

    7 天 前

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    • Ridge Kane

      Ridge Kane

      3 天 前

      @Mustafa Maurice definitely, I have been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

    • Mustafa Maurice

      Mustafa Maurice

      3 天 前

      Pro trick: watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

    • Jason Rae

      Jason Rae

      4 天 前

      That extra ram will come in handy if they add FCP to the ipad :).

    • YouTube Pro

      YouTube Pro

      6 天 前

      @Wither Thank you

    • Wither


      6 天 前

      @CNwill Pro RIP your wallet

  2. infedelin


    17 小时 前

    11" 512gb is the obvious choice.

  3. rcinematic


    21 小时 前

    Can you watch 4K content on any iDevice?

  4. Guy Fisher

    Guy Fisher

    天 前

    You forgot that only the 5G version has a built-in GPS, for those that need built-in geolocation capability.

  5. AndroBoy17


    天 前

    Let me summarize: Buy ipad 11' with 256 Gb and WiFi only. ( this config would meet all needs of 99% of the ipad users)

  6. Francheska Lene

    Francheska Lene

    天 前

    I want it.... I don't like my old Ipad it's so slow 💔

  7. Carlos Marin

    Carlos Marin

    天 前

    Hi, im still confused of which size to buy. I'm thinking the 12.3 because of the display. I'm a civil engineer who will be using autodesk movile apps, show renders and videos to my clients, using some VR to show the building process so that's why I want the best quality to show. I use a drone to take photos and videos so I will edit them on the iPad. I'm I making the right choice?

  8. Yoandy Mederos

    Yoandy Mederos

    天 前

    Hey did you guys checked out the new logitech combo touch keyboard for the 2021 ipad pro? It's on Apple website, I'm curious about how this is going to compare to the magic keyboard.

  9. Benjamin A

    Benjamin A

    天 前

    I'm starting to wonder if people aren't thinking for themselves anymore or youtubers just assume people are kind of stupid and they have to make videos to help those poor people out who can't think for themselves anymore. Might be a side-effect of youtuber and google, people stop thinking, but start googling right away.

  10. Alberto Fernández

    Alberto Fernández

    天 前

    And Pro Tools?

  11. lob ops

    lob ops

    天 前

    I like to play games on ipad, but even 64GB 2017 model iPad pro is enough for me.

  12. gavin lesly

    gavin lesly

    天 前

    I just bought the 11 inch model

  13. T Harries

    T Harries

    2 天 前

    Anyone use Procreate here? I just want to know if 128 is enough or not. Purely for Procreate/drawings only. TY

  14. Christiano Scali

    Christiano Scali

    2 天 前

    I''m buying the Microsoft Surface Go 2 Edit: It is the best tablet I had. I have an Ipad now i'm selling it. This thing is blazing fast, kickstand amazing, Windows tablet mode with Apps is the best.

    • Agwali


      23 小时 前

      A ipad 1st gen?

  15. Gav 67

    Gav 67

    2 天 前

    Great vid mate, this went a long way to help me decide. I reckon I'll get the 16gb RAM if only for future proofing.

  16. Usman


    2 天 前

    As a casual computer user, I've sold my 2018 Intel MacBook Air and have pre-ordered a 256GB iPad Pro 12.9". Couldn't justify the extra storage with all my OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud subscriptions lol.

  17. Jeffrey Ehimuh

    Jeffrey Ehimuh

    2 天 前

    When it comes to the upgrading to get cellular model, Apple is currently having a promotion to the point where they give you the $200 back for getting that model. And tablet data plans aren’t too much if interested.

  18. Duane Locsin

    Duane Locsin

    2 天 前

    This is isn't 2010 when the iPad first launched, iPhone OS is NOT going to cut it anymore without serious substantial systemic upgrades to iPadOS. Homescreen changes, widgets, select MacOS apps? That's not enough. Apple is holding the iPad back - a gimped Operating system is not going to attract Surface users and established iPad power users are increasingly getting frustrated by the limitations and compromise.

  19. Caleb Bernal

    Caleb Bernal

    2 天 前

    what game is that 7:18 ?

  20. Jose H Velez

    Jose H Velez

    2 天 前

    According to the video, just get the cheapest amazon tablet, that way you can save thousands!

  21. Gavin's iOS World GIW

    Gavin's iOS World GIW

    2 天 前

    I edit using a MacBook Pro 2016 and iMovie. What EXACT model?

  22. Clyde


    2 天 前

    Wait!? You're telling me that unless i do pro content, ACR content (whatever that means), I won't see any advantage by getting the 12.9" iPad that has up to 1000 nits max full screen brightness? I will only still get 600 nits? Are you sure? Won't I get it when watching movies or videos?

  23. Jay


    2 天 前

    the only issue is the resolution of the iPad Pro is not 4k

  24. key rush

    key rush

    2 天 前

    Hi, I am confused, can the ipad pro replace the new imac? I was thinking of buying one but not sure which, my uses are art, education, pro editing and gaming..

  25. HLM EP

    HLM EP

    2 天 前

    If someone just wanna use the iPad Pro for few games, watching CNwill, and browsing, this is a whole f mistake to buy it! The normal iPad or mostly the Air 4 will do the job more than perfectly needed.

  26. Sophie Glenavon

    Sophie Glenavon

    2 天 前

    Why couldn’t one just buy base storage and then add storage as needed by attaching external ssd drive accessed by thunderbolt? Much cheaper than apples rip off storage prices?

  27. Blake Bentley

    Blake Bentley

    2 天 前

    If you’re just gonna browse the web, why get iPad Pro?

  28. Jeffrey _37

    Jeffrey _37

    3 天 前

    Which model will be best for 3d designing

  29. Matthew Ong

    Matthew Ong

    3 天 前

    Hi, just curios and for the sake of the GEEKNESS...can you demo how to run macOS Big Sur on the 12.9 x 16GB x 1TB ipad Pro since it uses the M1 chip anyway? Would it beat MacBook Air for performance, battery life and also best mobility...

  30. Cons2911


    3 天 前

    Typical apple, wish they’d put the same display in the smaller one. I’m not after the cpu, the current ones are fast enough

  31. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen

    3 天 前

    Is the iPad screen size large enough to use Final Cut Pro? I would think most video editors would want to connect a larger display to it, right?

  32. Chris Sullins

    Chris Sullins

    3 天 前

    12.9 256gb is good enough for me

  33. Asim Can Berksan

    Asim Can Berksan

    3 天 前

    I was thinking to get a new ipad pro with m1 chip, And also thinking about the 12,9 one but this video changed my mind. I think im gonna get the 11inch model. Thanks man, nice vid :)

  34. Joal Blo

    Joal Blo

    3 天 前

    I thought it was a 4 by 3 aspect ratio?

  35. NatashaCine


    3 天 前

    I'm upgrading to last years model which is on sale. And waiting for mini led to come to the 11 inch. Then do a trade in.

  36. Carlos Le Mare

    Carlos Le Mare

    3 天 前

    There is no program can't run with 3GB of RAM like the base iPad... so seek for the 16GB is only beneficial with very big images or videos, but not programs.

  37. Kyle Golik

    Kyle Golik

    3 天 前

    Purchased 12.9" 2 TB and Wi-Fi Cellular iPad Pro - might not come until July but with how my company is moving toward work from anywhere this is going to keep me mobile

  38. Raxom


    3 天 前

    Which iPad should I get? I got an Apple TV at home and need an ipad to act like a computer when I need to but can change to entertainment? I’m really unsure because the Air look cool for my wallet but oh man the 12.9 display looking good you know

  39. Virxty


    3 天 前

    Im getting mine to play games, and draw, so ima just get the 11inc

  40. Waynes World Studio

    Waynes World Studio

    3 天 前

    If anyone is going to spend that crazy money with the 1TB IPad Pro, might as well wait for the MacPro M2 and xdr in the falls.

  41. tvs8150


    4 天 前

    RIP Vainglory 4:01

  42. Vladislav Work

    Vladislav Work

    4 天 前

    OMG how don't you know that extra 8 gigs of ram is reserved for ssd, apps still locked at 3gig space

  43. Raghavedra Naik

    Raghavedra Naik

    4 天 前

    Sir I am student but i have CNwill channel of gaming which iPad pro 11inch or 12.9 inch is better for CNwill editing and for study also

  44. Venkata Satya Prasad Yellapantula

    Venkata Satya Prasad Yellapantula

    4 天 前

    Should I consider the 12.9 inch iPad Pro because I would use it for taking notes, typing assignments and watching Netflix or prime. I won’t be doing any professional work.

  45. Head n Heart Space

    Head n Heart Space

    4 天 前

    🤔 Anyone know when the new Bluetooth magic keyboards, with touchID, will be available? Apple’s website still only has the older models.

  46. Regan Darcy

    Regan Darcy

    4 天 前

    I have a question. I currently use the 2018 11” iPad Pro. I was hoping the 2021 11” iPad Pro came with the mini LED screen, but that was not the case. I know the current iPhone 12 Pro shoots HDR Dolby video that cannot be fully seen or edited on some devices. Will this be the case with the new 11” vs 12.9” iPad Pros? Will you only be able to see the full dolby vision HDR on the new 12.9” and not the 11” ipad pro? 🤔

  47. UltraKryptonian


    4 天 前

    I have the 2nd generation 10.5” iPad Pro w/ 256GB and it works fine for my current uses. BUT, if they do come out with Final Cut for iPad, I definitely consider upgrading to a a new silicon powered iPad Pro. Also, we don’t know how general iPad apps are going to run on the M1.

  48. i Watch Videos

    i Watch Videos

    4 天 前

    Hol up a minute. You recommend 11in for illustrations but 12in for photo editing?

  49. Undead Wizard

    Undead Wizard

    4 天 前

    I think 8GB and 128GB of storage is more than enough for drawing even if the RAM does limit the number of layers. You can make a lot of layers with 8GB.

  50. JW Kel

    JW Kel

    4 天 前

    What’s the game at 4:05?

  51. mirandda medina

    mirandda medina

    4 天 前

    if i want to use final cut pro should i be fine with 8gb of ram?

  52. Juliett Sierra

    Juliett Sierra

    4 天 前

    Disagree about the RAM. The SSD is soldered on in an iPad and the OS will use the SSD as RAM once you exceed your maximum RAM. Most apps are optimized for 6GB but if you do go to your RAM cap you'll start running your SSD into a very early grave. This is also true of the M1 Macbooks and likely of the iMac as well and is the reason you should go for more RAM on all of them. Paying a little more for RAM now will save you from replacing your motherboard within as little as a year.

  53. max Sturman

    max Sturman

    4 天 前

    Great video! Trying to decide between the 11" & 12.9" iPad Pro. I'm an Architect who will use the iPad for sketching (Procreate) and project site visits - bringing up drawings and marking them up in the field, shooting photos & also marking them up, taking meeting minutes and notes, etc. I don't need the Magic keyboard w/ track pad - I think the Smart keyboard is fine for quick typing. I still have a MacBook Pro for heavy work. Bottom line - 11" vs 12.9". Thank you.

  54. winwinwin282828


    4 天 前

    I have one major problem, I don't have that much money lol

  55. Lora Staneva

    Lora Staneva

    4 天 前

    When do you think the Gen 3 Apple Pencil will be released? And for someone who will by the iPad Pro 2021 as their 1st tablet, do you think they should buy the Gen 2 Pencil or wait for Gen 3?

  56. Boybacintown


    5 天 前

    Getting the 12.9 inch for “professional use” creating start up businesses for clients and graphic design. Only got 128gb and not worried. If I need more storage I can buy a 500gb ssd for less than $100 I don’t mind at all cause it’s small too and it keeps me more organized. I say save your money.

  57. Andrew Arellano

    Andrew Arellano

    5 天 前

    i think 5g on a protable 11 inch ipad pro is good because if you tether your 5g from your iphone, youll be draining the battery of your 2 devices. And also, do you still need more storage if you can use thunderbolt port to hook your compatible ssd on your ipad pro?

  58. Srinivasan R

    Srinivasan R

    5 天 前

    Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 500GB USB 3.2 / Thunderbolt 3 External SSD (SB-XTMQ-500) got bad reviews. Your video is mostly Ad.

  59. Ryand0523


    5 天 前

    Hmm, I’m not sure if I should even worry about upgrading. Okay I have the original iPad Pro the 9.7 inch version. So I will have to look at the size of my iPad, before I buy a new iPad… though I’m thinking I want to go with the 13.2 inch version, since that one will have better hdr for movies, which will be one of its main uses. I have an iPhone and I can use that to do almost anything that I would need to use on the go. But who knows if the hdr will be coming to the iPhone this year, which I will probably be buying, later this year as well. But all I plan on using the iPad Pro, will be for watching movies, and playing games, would you still recommend I buy the iPad Pro with the hdr display, or do you think it won’t be worth its added cost?

  60. luckviii


    5 天 前

    Decent video. For student I would argue regular iPad and a MacBook Air is a better overall value than iPad Pro for bang for buck. Definitely get 11” or below if you are not planing to use side by side feature. Professionals. You know what you need so you don’t need someone like me to tell you what to get. iPad 11” or below is great for on the go type situations or if you are using it on sofa. 12.9 is great screen size but very wielding to use that I mostly use on desk. Don’t bother getting the Apple magic keyboard because the when bundled with iPad Pro weighs a lot. If you type a lot get MacBook. If you write a lot get iPad. If you still need to type a little get a Bluetooth keyboard over the Apple iPad Pro magic keyboard. It cheaper and lighter and you can use the keyboard for other things unlike iPad Pro magic keyboard.

  61. Binge Binge

    Binge Binge

    5 天 前

    Does it mean going forward, the iPad and Macbook lines will merge into one, with devices work in either the laptop mode or the tablet mode, just like Microsoft Surface?

  62. liquidmojo


    5 天 前

    I preordered the 12.9 256GB iPad Pro M1 model which was $100USD more than the base 128GB, which ticks all of the new feature set boxes, like the mini LED screen, the M1 processor and the thunderbolt and full external display support and seems like the best value vs feature “bang for the buck”. The 512GB model was tempting, but I also needed to make financial accommodations and concessions for the Magic Keyboard $350, and the 512GB model is $300 over the base 128 model. The 1TB model seems like overkill for my use case, costing about as much as a separate iPad Pro more, $700USD over the base 128GB model. Although I’m personally excited, my wallet is definitely tired of Apple making all these “must have” products! 🤔😅 #firstworldproblems

  63. eflo82


    5 天 前

    No battery improvements?

  64. Cherushi Gokuu

    Cherushi Gokuu

    5 天 前

    I just want a lot of RAM so that I can illustrate on Procreate with a lot of layers. My 32 GB IPad 8th gen is NOT cutting it. A 5000 by 3500 canvas only gives me 11 layers to get stuff done and it feels super cramped 😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Andrew M

    Andrew M

    5 天 前

    I’ve just ordered the 128gb, all I will use this for is taking notes for work, browsing, watching CNwill, and playing Spotify. Will that storage work?

  66. Rodi Mousa

    Rodi Mousa

    5 天 前

    Thats helpful thank you 😃❤

  67. khaled battah

    khaled battah

    5 天 前

    want to get one, as i sent lots of emails ( 3 emails for 3 different organizations) presentations, notes , if there is option for Vms might be very useful.... some works

  68. Sam Yates

    Sam Yates

    5 天 前

    The cellular option is actually a cellular + GPS option, If you want to use your ipad for any stand alone mapping type applications having GPS in built is a big plus.

  69. Fredrick Weathers

    Fredrick Weathers

    5 天 前

    Personally, if the iPad OS doesn't change from what it is now or somehow merge at least closer to Mac OS, all of that power and expense is pointless. Im sure the screen will be beautiful and it will be powerful no doubt but all of that power isn't needed if you're going to just give us the same ol iPad OS Apple. The last 2 generation iPad Pro are still powerful enough.

  70. zipski


    5 天 前

    My 12.9 1TB with cellular is on the way!

  71. Art Altman

    Art Altman

    5 天 前

    Hi Max. I am wondering when to buy Magic Keyboard and Pencil for the iPad Pro that I just ordered. My need is not urgent. Do you think that new versions are imminent, perhaps in June WWDC? Thanks!

  72. Sundaes


    5 天 前

    I just wonder what would be the best choice for artists.

  73. Willem Dittloff

    Willem Dittloff

    5 天 前

    As a student, isn't 256 gb a bit much? Especially at the price? Or do you need it in several years when you study at a university? Thanks for the Video

  74. Nicky Kamp

    Nicky Kamp

    6 天 前

    I am very very confused I don’t know what one to buy I want to watch movies and download them I watch CNwill videos . Thank you

  75. Cesar Fares

    Cesar Fares

    6 天 前

    So will it be possible using the 12.9 model as main monitor for the mac mini M1 ?

  76. Timea Farkas

    Timea Farkas

    6 天 前

    I think I’ve avoided all of the mistakes in this video…except I went for the 12.9 inch pro with 512gb storage because I want to learn digital art and procreate…but now I’m slightly worried that if they indeed make Logic Pro available on iPads the ram won’t be enough 😰😰😰 (my day job is composer).

  77. ScroppyPlayz


    6 天 前

    Your my fav yt channel now. Tysm for this vid, it will really help me coz im buying a new iPad pro soon since my last iPad, which was a 2013 air broke

  78. Tyrone Bigbee jr

    Tyrone Bigbee jr

    6 天 前


  79. Cinema Extreme

    Cinema Extreme

    6 天 前

    I’m on the fence about it still. I have an iPad Air 3, and I mainly use this for school. I’m going to be doing computer engineering and I feel like the M1 will definitely help, but I don’t know if the upgrade is justifiable

  80. MrRockiez


    6 天 前

    Using iPad Mini 5 thinking to update if worth Only is concern is the display quality is it worthed?



    6 天 前

    Fuck apple: we need more 2 usbC on smart corer .....

  82. Karl Williams

    Karl Williams

    6 天 前

    Excellent well presented educational video👍🏻

  83. Tom’s Video Collection

    Tom’s Video Collection

    6 天 前

    I went with the 256again. My 2018 handled everything with 4gb ram. 16 was not worth 1799.00. I’d rather spend that on a new 14”MBP. So, 8GB ram is good lol

  84. Mister Universe

    Mister Universe

    6 天 前

    For artists, your paperlike screen protectors will ruin the looks of that new display instantly. Will we still be able to tell the difference ;P

  85. David Simons

    David Simons

    6 天 前

    Good advice where should I prebuy at

  86. Vanan Navarasan

    Vanan Navarasan

    6 天 前

    As long Final Cut Pro is not coming to iPad Pro, it’s no point buying this. Also if you are really serious about video editing then either get 1. Mac mini (bang for the dollar) , 2. MacBook Air and 3 MacBook Pro

  87. Katya


    6 天 前

    Just curious tho, which exactly iPadOS games are capable of filling up 120GB ? Or, rather how many of them do you think a person playing at average at the same time ? Considering the average “ heavy and demanding “ iPadOS game is 2-4GB, lol.

  88. Katya


    6 天 前

    I plan to get the 11’ knowing it’s not miniLED…. Simply cuz 12.9’ is way too big for me 😞 . Tbh even 11’ is too big, I wish it was more like the mini… But they are not properly upgrading the mini by the looks of it, ever….

  89. Hindsight 101

    Hindsight 101

    6 天 前

    Question: I just bought 2020 11in. But want to know is it worth Thunderbolt 3 for editing videos off an ssd to upgrade? Thanks

  90. Andy Orr

    Andy Orr

    6 天 前

    No mention of the GPS only being included on the 5G cellular model - that was my main reason for getting the cellular version. With iPhone tethering I have no interest in buying a data plan for my iPad, but I do need a GPS in the iPad.

  91. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones

    6 天 前

    12.9 Cellular One terabyte Space grey 🥰😋

  92. Tech Review Review

    Tech Review Review

    6 天 前

    I have iPad Air 3rd Generation 2019

  93. Alex Kyhan

    Alex Kyhan

    6 天 前

    can this one with keyboard accessory replace a laptop? Or should I get a macbook instead?

  94. Sanket Wagh

    Sanket Wagh

    6 天 前

    What if you were subscribed to a cloud backup service? Would the base disk space be good enough then?

  95. Gyan Prabhakar

    Gyan Prabhakar

    6 天 前

    I'm confuse between Mac mini and iPad pro

    • كن إيجابيًا

      كن إيجابيًا

      6 天 前

      it depends on what apps you use

  96. ljacobs357


    6 天 前

    Overhyped, overpriced and overrated. Apple great at milking their base.

    • كن إيجابيًا

      كن إيجابيًا

      6 天 前

      And you are great in stupidity

  97. WutendPlayZ


    6 天 前

    128GB is more than enough for casual use. I have a 2017 10.5" iPad Pro with the base 64GB of storage. Currently I'm using around 45GB of that and that is with ~15GB of games and editing apps like Affinity Designer & Photo, ProCreate etc. To save some storage I don't have all my iClout Photos on my iPad since I really don't need them and if I do, using AirDrop to send it from my phone is easier than to waste that storage. So I'd say having to upgrade the storage is less important than on a MacBook imo. There I'm kinda struggling with 256GB

  98. Leslie Lewis

    Leslie Lewis

    6 天 前

    apple trully went all out to rob us of every penny like $600 more for newer stuff thats crazy i tally want a 13 inch now but will waot a few years

  99. macloveemail


    6 天 前

    When will M1 trickle down to iPad Air? Fall 2022?

  100. Sound Chapel Recording Studio

    Sound Chapel Recording Studio

    6 天 前

    Dear Max please advise regarding my question of connecting an external video monitor to the New M1 IPad Pro and using it as the second video monitor with the new M1 Mac....would it support?