【PAPERS, PLEASE #03】GLORY TO THE SHERIFF!!! #Holomyth #HololiveEnglish

What is up, humans?! ♡ Calliope Mori(森 カリオペ)here. Grim Reaper’s apprentice has a body! Can you believe it?
Please present yer papers, sonny boy.
Sheriff Mori rolls up onto the scene and takes no prisoners.
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  1. hf tA

    hf tA

    11 小时 前

    Finally a game that cali is comfortable with

  2. Sunshine Hall

    Sunshine Hall

    天 前

    Calliope's birthday song will be my birthday present

  3. Qyra Ch

    Qyra Ch

    6 天 前

    Calli : "thats the first bit of actual feel good happiness I felt playing this game" Deadbeats with teary eyes and crayons in their hands : "Dad..?"

  4. John R

    John R

    7 天 前

    dang Calli got really good at this game fastest sheriff in Arstotska

  5. プルプルンゼンゼンマン


    8 天 前

    オルタナティブ、カリオペの歌声だったんだ! すごく良い声でした!!!

  6. GretchenDawntreader


    9 天 前

    it would be totally fitting if you used the fake papers to enter Obristan, where you are promptly installed in a Class-7 Apartment and assigned to a border checkpoint, Glory to Obristan!

  7. Cole Havens

    Cole Havens

    10 天 前

    I’m so glad Mori is doing well on CNwill she does deserve more subs though.

  8. temp87


    10 天 前

    Will you try out This War of Mine ?

  9. Cataphracts123


    10 天 前

    How is entry into Arstotzka like bread in Arstozka? You don't get it! Next!

  10. Ryan Christian

    Ryan Christian

    10 天 前

    52:55 , free replay button.

  11. elfinfluff


    11 天 前

    Today's stream: a stealth homage to Madoka Magica!

  12. CroziusArzaker


    11 天 前

    52:25 Thousand more deaths for that man (Also saving Private Sergui would be great)

  13. Dooley


    11 天 前

    Do more asmr pls

  14. Dr Oopsie

    Dr Oopsie

    11 天 前

    El psy congree

  15. Cyphero2


    12 天 前

    I'll have you know my dad is the sherff 'round these parts

  16. RevilloPhoenix


    12 天 前

    48:48 yes Calli, it's the plot of an anime called Re Zero. XD

  17. Luke Volts

    Luke Volts

    12 天 前

    Weird. I don't remember this episode of Steins;Gate...

  18. Glaugan


    12 天 前

    15:42 30:27 Mortal Kombat reference!

  19. sleepymike


    12 天 前

    I havent watched any other HL girls play this, but ive watched your playthrough. The sheriff is a strong experience!

  20. sleepy


    12 天 前

    endless 8 all over again

  21. Anime Gaming

    Anime Gaming

    12 天 前

    I like her avatar at the beginning, but it doesn’t look like she’s singing... more looks like she has her tongue out

  22. Justin Inocencio

    Justin Inocencio

    12 天 前

    i wanna watch Calli playing Friday Night Funkin~

  23. marco rodriguez

    marco rodriguez

    12 天 前

    So cute and so cool

  24. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

    12 天 前

    I've seen enough, i'm satisfied

  25. Story Corner

    Story Corner

    12 天 前

    Dang! Forgot to comment here! This was quite lot of fun! :D Our Sheriff certainly tried her best to safe her homie, and bring sweet couple together. While also dealing with a dangerous killer! And this here, is a proof just how delicate time travel is. No matter how hard you try to change events, SOMETHING changes always. To quote the great 7th Doctor here: "Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences." This became rather deep, but that's time travel for you. :D Let's hope Calli did actions did not summon DIFFERENT kinds of Reapers! ;) Hope someone here got the references. :D And we certainly got LOT of endings here! :D And with these new reveals I can see just HOW busy you been! You are really hard working Sheriff/Reaper! Just amazing! You have SO many things for us! Keep being awesome as you are Calli! Hope you can take some rest. :) Waiting for... well, EVERYTHING FROM YOU!

  26. Edusu1994


    13 天 前


  27. AmeLilith


    13 天 前

    30:20 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 10 (2011)

  28. Li-bat09 .T

    Li-bat09 .T

    13 天 前

    Put an O on Mori’s name and that makes Omori

  29. Diego Duran

    Diego Duran

    13 天 前

    Sioy miembro

  30. ZAKAR


    13 天 前

    What is the song at the beginning?

  31. Abraham McNally

    Abraham McNally

    13 天 前

    Callie is Homura, going back in time over and over to save the homie.

  32. Tom Tornados

    Tom Tornados

    13 天 前

    2:41:50 Ye welcome, Applejack!

  33. Jake Stephen

    Jake Stephen

    13 天 前

    Sheriff daddy back in town

  34. Bibbahuntr6969


    13 天 前

    I don’t know how but I have had my life saved by calli from suicidal thoughts and I feel ecstatic I have nothing but gratitude and respect for them sorry but I just have to get it off my chest.

  35. Lorenzo Teague

    Lorenzo Teague

    13 天 前

    Sheriff Calli: Time C.S.I. LOL

  36. Purasa


    13 天 前

    Just finished watching the VOD. New song announcement? HYPEEe Full release for Alternative? HYPEEE!!! I can't wait to hear everything! As for the gameplay, i'm glad you were able to save the homie and get us to safety! Thanks Dad!! We love you!

  37. Canadian Food

    Canadian Food

    13 天 前

    That dancing Calliope looks like a Powerpuff Girl... You know with the whole having no hands thing...

  38. Sanguinius se

    Sanguinius se

    13 天 前

    2 questions: When did we start calling Cali dad? Can we keep it up long enough for a father's day stream?

  39. lov u dad

    lov u dad

    13 天 前

    She got more angry in this game than she did in "getting over it" Calli really is ride or die huh

  40. Hibiki


    13 天 前

    I thought the lack of super chats on Shrek was on purpose lolol

  41. KatDreamz


    13 天 前

    Calli is really testing cover with all these CURSE WORDS 😬😬

  42. Natt Kurai

    Natt Kurai

    13 天 前

    First superchat i became Naff, second superchat my name was normal, now im back to being Naff xD i love this reaper so much

  43. Demixdraco


    13 天 前

    Another Stream that i cant watch in live *cries in (S)pain* but is nice have your stream before work, Thanks Calli love ya

  44. Delphy


    13 天 前

    this was a fun watch but you took away my breath when you started singing, thanks

  45. Bomboozled


    13 天 前

    Here's to Calli catching more Zs in the future.

  46. Bomboozled


    13 天 前

    That song made it the best EMTA SuperChat yet.

  47. ラン


    13 天 前

    Gosh ... the first one hour ...

  48. R.Q.R.


    13 天 前

    This was a great stream, thanks sheriff, hope you rested well after it.

  49. Angelo Descordo

    Angelo Descordo

    13 天 前

    Your determination to save that homie was truly inspiring, shishou sheriff. Pachi pachi! Congrats for getting the best ending too. Jorji is the chaddest of chads! What an entertaining playthrough of a remarkable indie game.

  50. gr4g [twitch clips]

    gr4g [twitch clips]

    13 天 前

    I am better than all of you

  51. Gamingclone


    13 天 前

    Gura should be your deputy!

  52. La Sammis

    La Sammis

    13 天 前

    There are so many reasons why I love Calli, this is one of them

  53. Slayn


    13 天 前

    53:16 To protect the world from devastation

  54. Dead games

    Dead games

    13 天 前

    I love that Austria accent, while she's wearing the hat. That was fire 🔥 . Also, good work sheriff 👍🏼

  55. Mad Mango Mundo

    Mad Mango Mundo

    13 天 前

    1:18:40 ara ara

  56. Ripster Book

    Ripster Book

    13 天 前

    this style of her voice I think we really like to hear😷😏

  57. Radio Space

    Radio Space

    13 天 前

    Glory to the Motherland comrade Mori

  58. Chris Cutlip

    Chris Cutlip

    13 天 前

    The first half of this was just a re zero arc and I love it.

  59. Quentin Coetzee

    Quentin Coetzee

    13 天 前

    I think Calli only did two Ezic tasks (maybe I miscounted). To get the Ezic ending, you need to have done at least 4. If you've done so, the Ezic messenger will visit on the last day and state their intent to destroy the wall, further assuring you that you will be safe and that the attackers know you're on their side.

  60. Ashe Cheeks

    Ashe Cheeks

    13 天 前

    Calliope Natsuki

  61. Andi Kryeziu

    Andi Kryeziu

    13 天 前

    When you can't watch the stream because of time zones. The problem with being faster than light is you can only live in darkness

  62. Mars Rwby

    Mars Rwby

    13 天 前

    Just remember that I called it after she failed the last time. I’ll take the pot and almost forgot. “Yahtzee...”

  63. Dragon Otaku

    Dragon Otaku

    13 天 前

    Calli’s aggressive swearing this time makes me feel things inside

  64. Viper6390


    13 天 前

    Lol watching her trying to save the guard’s life and swearing up a storm 🤣😂. Admittedly that is a really hard section and you have to make every shot count, but it is so worth the reward money you get if you manage to pull it off. Looks like she got all the reward medals for doing kind things. I forgot you can be arrested and get another automatic game over for getting caught with unauthorized stuff in your booth too many times even if it’s your kid’s drawing 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂. The game really doesn’t fool around. You have to be on the lookout for the guard getting out off the car and walking to your booth from the right. Calli was so preoccupied she didn’t notice him coming to the booth and the chat was trying to warn her to take the pic down 😂🤣😂🤣.

  65. Riverside View

    Riverside View

    13 天 前

    Seeing Calli fall into despair while looping back in time and being unsuccessful saving Sergiu most of the time was so heart breaking. Though she got the best ending in the end, the ride was well worth it. Hearing Calli curse at those citations was super hilarious. It was an entertaining stream to watch.

  66. Polarisx


    13 天 前

    Are we getting all the endings? COOL

  67. Rainie


    13 天 前

    The time loop was worth it in the end

  68. Rafael Kresmar

    Rafael Kresmar

    13 天 前

    "fastest gun in Artostka baby" - Calli 2021 Yeah it only took her 1 hour to shoot 3 guys. But seriously this was truly entertaining and it's interesting to see how different people react to this game

  69. Matrix Spider-man

    Matrix Spider-man

    13 天 前

    Who Want Mori calliope watch Matrix Films 👇 👇 👇

  70. Jacob Pinkley

    Jacob Pinkley

    13 天 前

    Omg you're so cute, Mori

  71. multiverse gaming

    multiverse gaming

    13 天 前

    20:53 didnt even notice the terrorist getting through, just see her say hold on to the guy and pull out a sniper

  72. Lazy Hobbit

    Lazy Hobbit

    13 天 前

    Everyone else: faux slavic Komrad accent Calli: Howdy

  73. MogarPrime17


    13 天 前

    It may have started off pretty rough (I don't think I've ever seen Calli that angry before ), but, just like Calli, she pushed through, overcame the challenge, and showed everyone why she's The Greatest Sheriff in all of Arstotzka. Hope work on the EP is going well. I'm sure she's doing a great job . And I hope that Calli got some good rest after this. She deserves it after all of the hard work she's been putting in.

  74. Detaylo


    13 天 前

    Calli: *Puts on cowboy hat* Calli's tiara: *Hello darkness my old friend*

    • Saxmith the NPC

      Saxmith the NPC

      13 天 前

      Some people polish their crowns to keep them shiny, but Calli puts hers in darkness to keep it black

  75. LC_Lapen


    13 天 前

    Just woke up to catch the VOD, and as I expected our Sheriff dad would stop at nothing to protect the homies and make sure all of her sons are fed. The ramping frustration leading to finally succeeding and jubilant wine drinking was exciting to watch! I'm glad Mori's really enjoying this game through all its highs and lows. Although, with all the repeated time traveling Callie abused, shouldn't we be worried about irregularities in the timeline like evil dopplegangers or something?

    • King Dice

      King Dice

      13 天 前

      That's just crazy talk.

  76. Eric_T123


    13 天 前

    I'm happy that shes planning to do the other endings. Looking forward to the streams!

  77. Fabi


    13 天 前

    Her Ausländer sounds like Arschländer xD So ass. she is insulting he foreigners xD

  78. René KFBeat Plumber

    René KFBeat Plumber

    13 天 前

    i fall asleep before the stream, so i watch the arcive. it was a ton of fun. thanks calli

  79. sam hue

    sam hue

    13 天 前

    Dad you took real good care of us. We even got the best Ending. The ReZero cycle was the most entertaining papers please arc.

  80. Wrack3D


    13 天 前

    Nice hat

  81. Fabi


    13 天 前

    I just want to say nice stream And flex: everyone if my family survided + sergiu And I got the best ending... glory to Arstrozka

  82. Mark Patten

    Mark Patten

    13 天 前

    Everybody else playing Papers Please: “Ello Comrade, ish good, da” Calli playing Papers Please: “Howdy”

  83. Tenko Chabashira -Sayori-

    Tenko Chabashira -Sayori-

    13 天 前

    Well, thanks for the entertaining stream. Loved the dedication of saving Private Sergiu and that revenge. Congrats on getting that ending, Calli.

  84. Michael Brew

    Michael Brew

    13 天 前

    Calli should play one of the rhythm tengoku games on stream to show how good her rhythm is why you might be asking because i personally enjoy rhythm heaven so I want to share the experience

  85. Severus Snape

    Severus Snape

    13 天 前

    For the homie!

  86. タイロンユピテルゲーム実況チャンネル


    13 天 前

    1:42:23 It was late to finish the painting

  87. WP Boy

    WP Boy

    13 天 前

    glory to arstotzka

  88. Awesum Bear

    Awesum Bear

    13 天 前

    TIMESTAMPS 9:30 GAME START 10:15 Day 26 15:40 Elisa / Citation 1 17:05 Citation 2 [Missing Vaccine] 20:50 Boom 1 21:35 Day 26 [2] 24:10 Elisa 28:55 Boom 30:05 Day 26 [3] 32:05 Elisa [Locket Reset] 32:35 Day 26 [4] 34:50 Elisa 38:50 Boom 39:25 Day 26 [5] 41:25 Elisa 45:45 Boom 46:25 Day 26 [6] 48:10 Elisa 52:10 Boom 53:00 Day 26 [7] 55:15 Elisa 56:10 (Accidental Misstamp) 1:00:00 Boom [SUCCESS!! - (Stein's Gate Achieved!, Timeline Saved!)) 1:01:45 Day 27 1:02:00 Sergiu [Feel Good Happy Moment] 1:04:50 EZIC 1 1:05:50 (Criminal) 1:07:35 Diplomat - EZIC Task / Citation 2 1:09:15 EZIC 2 1:12:25 Eliza's Gift (Wholesome Reaction!) 1:13:20 Happy Reaper Hash-Brown-Eating Noises 1:14:00 Day 28 1:18:30 Gym Guy 1:20:15 Boom 2 1:20:55 (End-of-Day - More Hashbrowns) 1:21:25 Day 29 + Simon Wens Headline 1:22:30 M Vonel 1:24:40 Jorgi 1 / Citation 3 1:27:50 Citation 4 [Forged Diplomatic Auth] 1:28:45 Passport Confiscation / Citation 5 [Invalid Height] 1:29:50 Citation 6 [Invalid ID Number] 1:29:55 Vengeful Father 1 1:31:00 Citat- nvm. [Reset due to too many Citations] 1:31:15 Day 29 [2] 1:31:25 M Vonel 1:33:00 Jorgi 1 / Citation 3 1:36:20 Citation 4 [Invalid Height] 1:36:50 Passport Confiscation / Citation 5 [Invalid Name] 1:37:55 Citation 6 [Passport not confiscated] 1:38:00 Vengeful Father 1 1:39:10 Photo Flip 1:40:45 Citation 7 [Forged Access Permit] 1:41:00 Escape Deliberation 1:41:35 Day 30 1:42:05 Ending 11 [Unauthorized Wall Hanging Ending] + Chat saying 'I'm sorry Daddy' 1:42:55 Day 30 [2] 1:44:50 Passport Confiscation / Citation 8 1:45:00 Simon Wens / Citation 9 [Wanted Criminal Admitted] 1:48:05 Vengeful Father 2 / Citation 10 [Passport not confiscated] 1:49:25 Citation 11 [Invalid Gender] 1:49:45 Citation 12 [Reason not given] 1:50:25 Citation 13 [Access Permit - Invalid Description] [Reset due to Citations] 1:50:45 Day 30 [3] 1:52:05 Passport Confiscation / Citation 8 1:52:10 Simon Wens / Citation 9 [Wanted Criminal Admitted] 1:53:35 Citation 10 [Expiration Date] 1:54:20 Vengeful Father 2 / Citation 11 [Passport not confiscated] 2:00:40 Escape Deliberation 2:02:10 Ending 18 (First Good Ending, Escaped with Son and MIL!) -- 2:05:00 Timeline 2 2:05:05 Day 30 [4] 2:06:50 Simon Wens / Citation 8 [Wanted Criminal Admitted] 2:09:55 Vengeful Father 2 / Citation 9 [Passport not confiscated] 2:11:40 Citation 10 [Passport not confiscated] 2:14:30 Day 31 + Simon Wen's Death 2:17:20 Citation 11 [Invalid ID Number] 2:18:10 Citation 12 [Non-matching photo] 2:19:00 Jorgi 2 2:21:40 Boom 3 2:22:05 End of Day 31 2:22:40 Ending 17 2:23:40 Day 31 [2] 2:27:10 Jorgi 2 2:28:15 Citation 11 [Forged Access Permit] 2:29:40 Boom 3 2:30:10 Death 2:37:20 Reading SuperChats (Note: Calli wants to get all three endings eventually, and guessed correctly that she has to do absolutely no EZIC tasks for one route, and all EZIC tasks for another) I wonder if she'll consider going for All Tokens too.

    • Velveteen Sallet

      Velveteen Sallet

      天 前

      10q for the timestamps.

    • Bien Baquirin

      Bien Baquirin

      6 天 前

      Seeing Elisa -> Boom constantly cracked me up a bunch lmfao

    • Dilhan Eruzun

      Dilhan Eruzun

      10 天 前


    • Boriiisgm


      11 天 前

      Thank you friend

    • Yami No Mi

      Yami No Mi

      12 天 前

      you're awesome for the timestamps

  89. Histoka Otsuki-chan

    Histoka Otsuki-chan

    13 天 前

    Yall late XD

  90. satria nugraha

    satria nugraha

    13 天 前

    didnt know dad could use ame time travel machine

  91. AnUnspokenLegend


    13 天 前

    Watch as death prevents the death of a homie. Not through fending off other reapers, but by willing herself into an alternative timeline. Amelia came for Calli's rap throne, now Calli is coming for Ame's time control.

  92. Alejandro Bacaro

    Alejandro Bacaro

    13 天 前

    For saving private sergiu, for helping the other dad, and for keeping her sons(us) safe, "GLORY TO OUR DAD, THE SHERIFF!!".

  93. Oi! I'm Ayman

    Oi! I'm Ayman

    13 天 前

    I hope she plays Not Tonight after this. British Papers Please lol

  94. zoloft dependant

    zoloft dependant

    13 天 前

    sounds like Jodie foster in the beginning

  95. aoi Fuse

    aoi Fuse

    13 天 前


  96. Dominik K

    Dominik K

    13 天 前

    FYI it's Ausländer in German not Arselander, but close enough 🤣 Thanks Calli for reading my first aka SC ever. I can't stress how much you've grown and I hope you get the confidence to push your limits a bit further from time to time🔥 Looking forward to the full version of the PV🎶 I'll be watching you, whether on VoD or live. Looking forward to your EP and the physical release. Shipping this one and FT's CD will be tough though😅 Give it your best and take care. We have your back, Calli. Glory to the Sheriff 🤠

  97. Lalo


    13 天 前

    Calli if you are going to change the title, might I suggest *Saving Private Homie: Groundhog Day* Had a lot of fun, as always. Thanks Sheriff Dad 🖍️🖍️🖍️

  98. JustChiaki


    13 天 前

    She manipulated the timeline to do it, but she gave us the best ending for homie Sergiu, ultra chad Jorji, and us as well! A true hero! Way to go dad!

  99. Zehell yerfeg

    Zehell yerfeg

    13 天 前

    Glory to sheriff Calli! That was a very entertaining stream!

  100. Vtuber Raf

    Vtuber Raf

    13 天 前

    Loved it!